HOT off the press - Captain’s Choice!

Discussion in 'Captains Choice' started by Captain Pre-Capsize, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Just this morning a review on Captain’s Choice has been released on Sharpologist.

    Two months ago Shaving 101 offered up an objective review.

    Now the site of YouTube sensation, Mantic59 has weighed in:
  2. Well deserved. You make a great product!
  3. Received my second bottle today- wonderful product. The Captain has a permanent place in my den!!
  4. SWEET!!!!!!!!

    Hitting the bigtime buddy!
  5. Awsome as always!
  6. Congrats, I remember getting one of your initial samples. I am happy for you.

    Now, I am sure my feedback helped, so lets talk royalties...:001_tt2:
  7. Intriguing! Would the aforementioned aftershave be available for purchase for Europeans?
  8. Not only is it my favorite bay rum that I have tried - I continue to recommend this amazing product to friends and family. I can not only attest to Scott's amazing customer service but he also has a first class product. Thanks again.

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