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2014 Badger & Blade Awards - Shaving Brushes Over $150

Hands down, the most iconic shaving brush of all time is the Simpson’s Chubby. Stuffed to the gills with an abundance of hair, with firmly set knots and a squat handle, the Chubby is truly the “British Bulldog” of shaving brushes.


2014 Badger & Blade Awards - Watches

The Sinn U1T is the modern man’s equivalent of a Rolex Submariner. A man’s watch and shoes tell a story in one quick glance. Don’t believe me? What mental picture do you get of a man wearing Alligator loafers and a diamond watch? How about cowboy boots and a solid yellow gold watch/bracelet? Now think about a fine pair of handmade leather shoes with a simple faced, rugged diving watch. That’s a porridge that’s just right.


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