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    Less tugging alternatives to R41

    Thread Starter: engblom

    Of all razors I have tried R41 gives the best shave with least irritation. However, it require me to soak the beard 10-15 (in shower) otherwise the shave will be painful and tugging. Sometimes I have not time for this, but still need a BBS face (the cyclops will leak in water if I am not having BBS...

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    New Weber Bulldog - EISH!

    Thread Starter: dpocta

    After reading a lot from so many of you about the Weber, I took the plunge. Got it yesterday and loaded it up with the Astra that came with it. I have been shaving with feathers in all of my razors and generally rotate between the following three: 1) AS-D2 2) EJ DE89LBL 3) Merkur 43c I...

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    Random Shaver

    Blade Trials Are Over PIF! (CONUS)

    Thread Starter: Random Shaver

    I recently completed a nine-month effort to find out what my go-to blade would be for my daily driver. As an aside, if anyone's interested in the details, check out these three threads (first, second, third). In order to give a little back to the B&B community, I'm offering a modest PIF as a...

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    My Search for First Straight Begins. Please Help or Provide Straight Jacket!

    Thread Starter: NotNick

    I can see how one could succumb to some serious RAD looking at these beautiful things. So, first, what I'm looking for. Something that is a great shaver, exhibits high quality in function and appearance. One that I can pass on to my future generations. Dovo is out. It just is. No set budget...

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    If you haven't tried Evil Eye. Its Time

    Thread Starter: sdaodaniel17

    Eveil eye is one of the best AS i have ever used. although I'm fairly new to AS joe from IB highly recommended this to me after talking to him about having a sensitive neck area with very annoying ingrowns. joe suggested i shave everyday and use this evil eye as after shave. this stuff is all...

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    What's the most aggressive razor you have used?

    Thread Starter: Sho-Nuff

    I have been rotating a Muhle R89 grande and a fatboy I got from my grandfather as my one two punch. I sent the Fatboy off for a full restoration, replating, and tune up leaving me with the R89 as my "go to". It took a while to get down but now that I have The Muhle is giving me the best...

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    My New Edwin Jagger DE89LBL

    Thread Starter: PokerChip

    My new Edwin Jagger DE89LBL was delivered by UPS today. They included a complementary 5-pack of Derby Extra SS DE razor blades. I've been waiting for this to arrive since I ordered it last Tuesday. Until this EJ DE89LBL arrived today my sole DE razor was a cheaper Weisei DE Razor. Until now I...

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    Looking for a simple, made in the USA belt.

    Thread Starter: jrm

    Hi guys, I've just decided it give raw denim a shot. I picked up a cheap pair of levis 501 shrink-to-fit and am starting to wear them in. I've been in need of a new leather belt for a long time and i figured this would be a good reason to pick one up. Anyone know of a good place to find a...

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    Thread Starter: Miesterio

    So with Krona MIA with a family emergency. ATT suspending their replating services. Who are we left with for replating?

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    Film pif conus

    Thread Starter: isi07734

    I have 24 envelopes ready to go, in each contains: 2 each of 3.25 x 9" strips in 15,12,9,5,3,2,1um. They weighed more than I thought, but think it's worthwhile to have 2 each of the film, b/c if you hone over any dirt or hair- the film can be ruined. a 3.5 x 9.5" piece of glass can be...

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