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Introducing a New Face at Badger & Blade...

October 31, 2014

As Badger & Blade approaches its decennial anniversary, it’s time to say goodbye to an old friend, and welcome a new. ‘Badgie’ – the face of B ...

By Joel

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The Renaissance of Hair Pomades...

October 24, 2014

From The Forums: The below article was created by Marco on the Badger & Blade Forums. “A sunny day in the early 1930’s. A young well-educated man walks in ...

By Nick

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Fourth Annual Sue Moore Charity Auction...

October 19, 2014

As Badger & Blade approaches a decade of helping men turn tedious tasks into hobbies and passions, it’s important we take time to recognize and reflect upon wha ...

By Nick

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The Katrina Razor...

September 02, 2014

On this the 9th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s devastating and near total destruction of the city of New Orleans I find it incumbent upon me to share a shaving rela ...

By Nick

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Movember At Badger & Blade

Many of you have probably noticed a Movember thread on B&B this year. I wanted to take a moment to discuss what Movember is all about, besides growing a mustache and seeing if you look debonair or goofy with it.


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