The 2015 Badger & Blade Awards – Shaving Soap

2015 Winner – Shaving Soap

Klar $31


Step 1: Find a suitable bowl to store a cake of soap, which affords you the space you need to swirl a brush and build lather.

Step 2: Take your tin of Klar, and twist off the lid.

Step 3: Turn the container upside down to remove the soap, and place it in the bowl you secured in Step 1.

Step 4: Football spike the P.O.S. Klar tin into the nearest waste receptacle and do your best to erase its existence from your memory.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Klar produces sumptuously creamy lather, slip and slide lubrication and boasts a fresh, clean scent, served up in a inexcusably narrow metal tin that makes it impossibly difficult and unpleasant to use. Tragic, since this is a special product that has largely flown under the radar – possibly due to its expensive and tragically matched metal jar. If it weren’t for these two grave strikes, there’s no doubt it would be all the rage on the forums, but for many, these damnable strikes affix it to permanent bench-warmer status, but if you can soldier past its admittedly negatives, you’re left with a remarkable product.

Lather is prodigious and comes with haste, much to the delight of face latherers. Once applied to your face, the lather remains thick, dense and moist for quite some time – which allows you to strop a razor as the lather softens your beard. While the lather goes on thick, it still allows the razor to cut close, in fact it ranks up there with Truefitt & Hill’s triple milled soap as one of the closest cutting soaps. What makes this soap superior to T&H and many others is the level of protection it provides, along with this impossibly close cut. It possesses a fine and delicate balance I’ve not seen exceeded by any other soap. There are soaps that cut a little bit closer, and there are soaps that offer more protection, but none balance the line so well and offer such high marks in both categories.

soap2As an offset to one of its mortal strikes, cost – Klar offers a hard and durable soap. After a month of daily use, the soap shows little wear, and depending on the brush used and lathering style, it would likely be possible to get up to several years of use from one cake of Klar at which point, the sticker shock should wane, but lather it like a monster, and use a brute of a brush like a Chubby and expect less than a year.

With the protection of a tallow based soap and the cutting qualities of a triple milled soap, Klar offers a uniquely efficacious mix of traits that secure it a position at the top due to sheer performance alone.


  • Great balance of protection and close cut
  • Uniquely dense lather
  • Scent


  • The metal tin. I simply cannot say enough negative things about it – for a $30 cake of soap, it is an insult.
  • The ingredients are neither rare nor special. Keep the jar, and cut the price in half.

You can purchase Klar shaving soap here.


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