The 2015 Badger & Blade Awards – Home Goods

2015 Winner – Home Goods

Czech & Speake Incense $30


Czech & Speake scents have quite the reputation and none more so than their signature scent No. 88. Surrounding yourself with this exotic and sensual fragrance is quite the treat, but filling your home with this scent is an entirely unique and luxurious experience. Whether it’s employed as aromatherapy before bedtime, a lovely evening mood setter or a mid-day “just because” – Czech & Speake’s incense doesn’t disappoint. While many scented incense sticks smell great unlit, they often betray their scent once lit, which has caused many perfume houses to abandon the exercise entirely. Through some magic alchemy they’ve managed to crack the code, and their lit incense smells true to scent.

While these incense sticks aren’t inexpensive, I actually found their overall value to be quite fair. Since the scents are robust, it really doesn’t take much to fill a room. Burn a stick for five minutes and a large room is perfectly scented, and with a timed 43 minutes of burn time per stick, that’ll get you about nine uses per stick. At $1.50 a stick, that’s a little less than 15 cents to fill your room with a lovely top shelf English fragrance for a day.

B&B awards incense 2Once lit, the sticks emit a cascading “tornado” like smoke pattern I haven’t experienced with other brands of incense sticks, but it looks quite striking and adds to the ambiance. The scent is strong, but not overpowering and it never overwhelms my nose, or irritates my generally sensitive allergies. As a premium product, you expect it to burn cleanly and Czech and Speake doesn’t disappoint.

It’s worth mentioning that while their incense is superb, their incense burner is sub par. It’s boring looking, expensive, and too small – the first few hunks of ash will actually drop in front of it, which is maddening, so you have to shorten the sticks.

All in all – Czech and Speake offers lovely, clean burning scents that are a great way to step into the world of C&S fragrances and share them with your friends and family. I also sampled the Frankincense & Myrrh as well, and it was every bit as super as the No 88.

B&B awards incense 3



  1. Unique way to enjoy fine English fragrances
  2. Beautifully balanced, room filling scents
  3. Economical


  1. Hard to find and can’t smell before buying
  2. Limited selection of scents
  3. You’ll need to find your own burner, as C&S’ is junk


You can purchase Czech & Speake No 88 Incense Sticks here.