The 2015 Badger & Blade Awards


At Badger & Blade, we’re fascinated with and inspired by products of exceptional quality. We feel that exceptional products are not mere inanimate objects; rather, they are works of art, tirelessly crafted by artisans with truly distinctive attention to detail. We expend tireless efforts to find, review and share items that stand out from the pack and offer a uniquely exceptional experience. The Badger & Blade Awards are designed to recognize products of rare significance – those which rise above the rest. Each winner has undergone extensive testing, and stood out amongst their competition. While individual tastes may vary, we take our awards program and our reputation seriously, so rest assured, all of the winners deserve their time in the spotlight.

The following winners have undergone rigorous testing over the last year and proven themselves worthy of special recognition. In that spirit, we are proud to announce, and recognize the following 2nd Annual Badger & Blade Award Winners. Check back daily as we announce new best in class winners.

  1. Straight Razor: Feather Artist Club
  2. Leather Goods: Maxwell Scott
  3. Digestif: Underberg
  4. Fragrance: Imaginary Authors: Memoirs of a Trespasser
  5. Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo Party Loafers
  6. DE Razor: PILS
  7. Shaving Cream: Castle Forbes
  8. Travel Accessory: Czech & Speake Traveler Cologne
  9. Mentionable Unmentionables: MeUndies Underwear And SmartWoool Socks
  10. Aftershave: Floid
  11. Whisky: Yamazaki 18
  12. Shaving Brush Over $150 – Pearlescent Grey Plisson No 12, High Mountain White
  13. Shaving Soap – Klar
  14. Home Goods – Czech & Speake Incense


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