The 2015 Badger and Blade Awards – Mentionable Unmentionables

2015 Winner – Mentionable Unmentionables

Smartwool Socks $19, MeUndies $20


This year I wanted to highlight a few items most of us pay little attention to as men – socks and underwear. While for some, it may seem odd to stray from your trusty Hanes tighty whitey’s and gold toe socks, there’s a brave, and much better world of unmentionables out there. If you venture into these uncharted waters, you’ll be rewarded with substantially increased comfort – to the point where you’ll wonder how you had gone without them for so many years. The best thing is, we men keep our socks and underwear forever, so you’ll definitely get your moneys worth! Let’s jump right in.

 MU2MeUndies Underwear. It’s a few days away from 2016, so get with the time… cotton underwear is passé. It holds odor (yuck!), it’s not that soft, it needs to be thick to be durable and they almost always have thick/annoying seams. Synthetics aren’t any better. While synthetics can be good for exercise, they are constricting, don’t breathe well and aren’t as soft and comfortable as what your underwear should be made of, Modal. Never heard of model before? Not to worry, neither had I until I got fed up with boxer briefs that would ride up, and ventured to find the most comfortable pair possible. Enter MeUndies, which make the most comfortable pair of underwear I tried, and believe you me, I tried just about every brand that made Modal undies.

MU3Modal is a unique fiber that is made from beech wood pulp, that has a soft, near silk like texture (2X softer than cotton), that offers tremendous breathability, warmth (in the cold), sweat wicking (in the heat), and surprising durability, which allows it to be much thinner than cotton, yet lasts longer. Coupled with flat lock stitching, these seamless undies redefine comfort. Backed by a full “Love ‘em, or your first pair is on us” guarantee – giving these a shot is a no risk endeavor. Do yourself a favor, take a pair for a spin.



  • Comfort
  • Quality
  • Sleek appearance (your welcome for not posting any modeling shots)


  • More expensive than Hanes


Smartwool Socks. All socks are not created equally and Smartwool underlines that fact by offering supremely comfortable merino wool socks that seem to last ages (I have a few heavily worn pairs that are more than 5 years old, and they still look superb!). They’re warm in the winter, sweat wicking and cooling in the summer and furiously fight odor year round. What’s not to love?


While many focus on the comfort of their shoes, or the design/appearance of their flashy socks, few take the quality, comfort and materials of socks into consideration. While it sounds silly, it makes a difference… a big difference and Smartwool changes the game with supreme functionality and socks that wear like iron. They’re not inexpensive, but due to their durability, they end up being a wash against your trust gold toes in the long run.


  • Comfort
  • Warmth
  • Breathability
  • Sweat wicking abilities
  • Longevity


  • Upfront cost
  • Not the most compelling/fun styles

You can purchase Smartwool Socks here and MeUndies here.


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