Fragrance Friday – Creed Aventus

Fragrance Friday - Creed Aventus

Creed Aventus has taken the fragrance community by storm since its introduction in 2010. Incredible tales of mystical powers, hoards of women swooning and so many compliments from strangers, it interferes with the wearer’s day. At $395 for a 4 oz bottle, the aforementioned should be expected. Does it live up to the hype? No.

Creed Aventus boasts a lovely and inoffensive scent with middle of the pack projection and silage. For the first 45 minutes, it boasts its fruity notes proudly, projecting a good 3-4 feet around you and is a tremendous amount of fun. At the hour mark, it calms down and maintains a 2 foot bubble with the fruits fading away and the mid-notes shining through for a good 2.5-3.5 hours, at which point it fades into a cloying skin scent for a solid 5-6 additional hours, occasionally holding firm for up to 10 hours as a close skin scent.

Fragrance Friday - Creed Aventus

The scent itself is lovely and hard to dislike, but it’s not particularly memorable. While the pineapple and fruit notes add a delicate and unique flair, it’s otherwise generic and lacks the deeper, more intense notes that make for a more masculine fragrance. That said, I do like it and it is not a scent one can easily tire from as it is sufficiently mild and maintains interest.

Description from Creed’s Website:

Top note: Corsican Blackcurrant, Italian Bergamot, French Calville Blanc apples and royal Pineapple.

Middle note: Napolean Roses, Louisiana Birch, Egyptian Jasmine and Patchouli.

Base note: Spanish Oak Moss, Ambergris and French Vanilla.

The atomizer fires off a prodigious amount of fragrance, and 1-2 sprays are all it takes. Anything above three is downright excessive. As a mild and inoffensive scent, it actually makes for a great all season fragrance. While on the hottest, most humid days it will likely be a but much, in nearly all situations and adorned in any attire during any season, day or night – Creed Aventus will offer the wearer a consistently positive experience. It’s the Rolex Submariner of colognes -overpriced, overhyped and somewhat of a safe choice, but it’s expensive and has so many fans for a reason… it appeals to all and it works in just about any situation. Go to a Nordstrom’s or a Nieman Marcus and ask about Creed, and this is the first one they’ll spray for you, guaranteed

One well-known issue with this, and many other Creed colognes is their lack of consistency from batch to batch. Some batches are smoky, others are overly sweet, and some report terrible longevity. My lot: S4215U11 example seems to err on the sweeter side, but overall is quite nice.

Would I buy it again? I’m on the fence. I’m not quite ready to write Aventus off – it has such a great reputation for a reason, and I can see this continuing to grow on me. I’ll update the review when I get through half of the bottle, but so far it hasn’t captivated me.


My philosophy on fragrance:

I look at fragrance as a gentleman’s necessity. Smell is one of our most powerful senses and fewer things can change ones mood faster than scent. No gentleman should leave the house without wearing a scent that accurately expresses his mood, or persona. A fragrance is a very personal selection, and while I provide my personal opinions, take those lightly and instead focus on the less qualitative aspects of my write ups, such as what type of man a particular fragrance should appeal to, seasonality of the fragrance and the strength of the scent.

Creed Aventus

Creed Aventus















Personal Opinion







  • Well rounded, inoffensive all season scent.
  • Works for any occasion and any attire.
  • A great choice as a signature scent.


  • Quite costly - even the grey market sellers charge a premium for Aventus over other Creed scents due to its popularity
  • Creed is known to have large variations from batch to batch and Aventus is notoriously bad in that respect. Some batches last longer, are fruitier or smokier - but every batch seems to vary
  • The most common and popular Creed scent, which removes some of the niche appeal


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