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Very Early Single Rings

In an attempt to better understand the boundary between double ring and single ring production, this page lists serial numbers for some very early Gillette razors. Please do not add your razor unless you are sure it adds new information.

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Owner/ LocationSerial NumberType
Canberra, Australia-Double Ring
Charleston, WV-Double Ring
Chicago, IL-Double Ring
IL, USA-Double Ring
Domminigan-Double Ring
Glendale, NY4647Double Ring
Dongguan, China6768Double Ring
Indiana10190Double Ring
Harrisonburg, VA12789Double Ring
Michigan15673Double Ring
Jenks, Oklahoma16951Double Ring
Charleston, WV21964Double Ring
Narooma, Australia27300Double Ring
Houston, TX33019Double Ring
Detroit, MI38815Double Ring
Birmingham, AL44757Double Ring
Charleston, WV45107Double Ring
Appleton, WI50038Double Ring
Dongguan, China58903Double Ring
Canberra, Australia61408Double Ring
CA, USA62936Double Ring
Weston, MA USA63837Double Ring
Indiana64345Double Ring
Orlando, FL109350Double Ring
Portland, OR USA209740Double Ring
Iowa214432Double Ring
Norwood, MA215216Single Ring
Detroit, MI236598Double Ring
Jacksonville, FL239848Double Ring
Parma, Italy256251Double Ring
San Antonio, TX265555Double Ring
Chronarch271956Double Ring
Dongguan, China272396Double Ring
CA, USA273926Double Ring
eBay Listing375013Double Ring
Dongguan, China458142Double Ring
Highball589068Double Ring
Quebec, Canada589850Double Ring
prophetic_joe278278Single Ring
shekoujay280226Single Ring
Manning280868Single Ring
Elmerwood281802Single Ring
armybuck041285328Single Ring
t_Rick288248Single Ring
shekoujay290609Single Ring
Fernieite293872Single Ring
Lamboy296499Single Ring
GoTeeGuy299385Single Ring
Mark1966G306068Gold Single Ring
eBay sighting308091Single Ring
quailrunnerG308151Gold Single Ring (engraved)
eBay sighting319510Single Ring
TommyG314832Single Ring
BroJohn320776Single Ring
GB5324834Single Ring
GBinOZ325462Single Ring
shekoujay329875Single Ring
sleddog332759Single Ring
staxchipswell337100Single Ring
Mr-Razor337905Single Ring
TommyG356438Single Ring
TCP359651Single Ring
Oldguy395005Single Ring
DomminiganG401727Gold Single Ring Combination Set
tnsplayerG401741Gold Single Ring
shavefreakG401861Gold Single Ring (engraved)

This data shows that the early examples are predominantly Double Rings but Single Rings dominate from 278278. This suggests that the traditional year dating cut offs or commencement dates may be a little out, perhaps by 100,000 or so. Interestingly the four known gold plated Single Rings are grouped close-ish together in two pairs, both with a plain and engraved one.

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