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  2. rockviper


- Feather AS-D2
- Gillette Black Handled SuperSpeed, S4 (1972)
- Gillette Red Tip, D1 (1958)
- Schick Eversharp Hydro-magic Injector I2
- Sensor Excel


- Derby Extra
- Derby Premium
- Feather
- Gillette Nacet
- Gillette Platinum
- Gillette Rubie
- Gillette Silver Blue
- Perma-Sharp
- Personna Platinum
- Rapira Platinum Lux
- Rapira Swedish
- Rapira Stainless Chrome
- Rapira Super Stainless
- Supermax Blue Diamond
- Voskhod

- Personna
- Schick


- Asylum Brush Works Cheswick synth, 23 mm
- Graydog custom, 1305-type maple handle, Omega 18mm silvertip knot
- Graydog custom, oak & leopard wood handle, 23mm brown horse knot
- Omega B&B Essential boar, 2013 Sue Pink
- Rudy Vey Shavemac 2-band silvertip fan, 24mm
- Simpsons Chubby 2, synth
- Yaqi Sagrada Familia, synth

Scuttles, Mugs & Bowls

- Benton Clay soap dish
- Mama Bear ceramic soap dish
- Dr Dittmar rosewood bowl
- Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet glass dish
- Timeless Razor Plastic Shaving Bowl, Blue

Shaving Creams

- Palmolive Classic
- Proraso Blue

Shaving Soaps

- Arko
- Art of Shaving Lemon (old formula)
- Barrister and Mann Cologne Russe
- Barrister and Mann Le Grand Chypre
- Barrister and Mann Seville
- Barrister and Mann Sinfonia
- Captain's Choice 45th Parallel
- Captain's Choice Bay Rum
- Captain's Choice Venture
- CBL Premium Black Rose Oud
- CBL Premium Carnation
- CBL Premium Dragon's Blood
- CBL Premium Ghost Pineapple
- CBL Premium Orange Dirt
- CBL Premium Russian Tea
- CBL Premium SIR Fougere
- CBL Premium Tabacaveg
- CBL Premium The Shaving Cadre
- CBL Tonsorial Money
- CBL Tonsorial Monkey Puck
- CBL Tonsorial Yardley Lavender
- Honeybee's Bamboo Teak
- Honeybee's Oakmoss
- Lisa's Natural Doc Holiday
- Mama Bear Bay Rum
- Mama Bear Lime Cilantro
- Mama Bear Roses
- Mama Bear Ye Olde Barbershoppe
- Martin de Candre
- P.160 Tipo Duro
- Saint Charles Shave Fairway
- Soapy Bathman Tropical Lime
- Tabac
- Tabac stick
- Vie-Long shave stick

Pre/Post Shave

- Aqua Velva Ice Blue
- Captain's Choice Lime balm
- Captain's Choice Venture balm
- Skin Bracer
- Tabac AS
- Pure & Natural Crystal Deo (potassium alum)

- nada


- Murray's Superior
- Suavecito
- Tres Flores Molding

Finished (not including blades, repeats not noted)

Shaving Creams - done

- Bigelow
- Castle Forbes Lime
- Crabtree & Evelyn Sienna
- Cremo
- Dove Shave Gel, travel size
- D.R. Harris Almond
- Godrej Deluxe
- Lider Classic
- Nivea
- Palmolive Classica Naturale
- Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet
- Proraso Green (old)
- Proraso Sandalwood
- Real Shaving Company Sensitive
- Rose of Bulgaria
- Speick
- Taylor of Old Bond Street Rose
- Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood

Shaving Soaps - done

- Arko
- Benton Clay Lime Bergamot
- Benton Clay Vetiver Paradisi
- Captain's Choice Bay Rum
- CBL Tonsorial Jeris (tester)
- CBL Tonsorial Oatmeal Stout
- CBL Tonsorial SIR Fougere
- Cella, Crema da Barba all'Olio di Mandorla
- Col.Conk Almond
- Col.Conk Amber
- Col.Conk Bay Rum
- Col.Conk Lime
- D.R. Harris Arlington
- Dr Dittmar
- Godrej round
- Haslinger Aloe Vera
- Klar Kabinett
- La Toja shave stick
- Mama Bear Aged Spice mug soap
- Mama Bear Amber Romance
- Mama Bear Cucumber Mint
- Mama Bear Dragon's Blood
- Mama Bear Hazelnut
- Mama Bear Hydrogen shave stick
- Mama Bear Lime Ice
- Mama Bear Northwoods
- Mama Bear Winter Grapefruit
- Mitchell's Wool Fat
- Monsavon
- Mystic Water Coconut Sandalwood sample
- P.160 Tipo Morbido
- Palmolive stick European
- Pitralon
- RazoRock XXX
- Saint Charles Shave Orange Sorbet stick
- Shaving Yeti Mamacita on the Rocks
- Speick stick
- Stirling Lime
- Stirling Orange Chill
- Through the Fire Fine Craft Sue Moore Pink Grapefruit
- Valobra shave stick
- van der Hagen Deluxe
- Wilkinson Sword, black bowl
- Wilkinson Sword, blue bowl
- Williams
- WSP Matterhorn travel puck
- WSP Tobacco travel puck

Pre/Post-Shave - done

- Alpa 378 AS
- Alpa, Windsor AS
- Aqua Velva AS
- Barrister and Mann Cologne Russe AS
- Barrister and Mann Le Grand Chypre AS
- Barrister and Mann Seville AS
- Benjamin's Bay Rum AS, Mentholated
- Fa, Speedster AS
- Floid Amber AS
- Floid Sandolor Pre-shave Gel
- Floid Suave AS
- Limacol AS
- Murray & Lanman Florida Water AS
- Nivea Cool sensitive balm
- Nivea Extreme balm
- Old Spice AS
- Olimon AS
- Osma Alum block
- Pinaud Clubman AS
- Pinaud Lilac Vegetal AS
- Pitralon Czech AS
- Pitralon Swiss AS
- Proraso Green AS
- Pure & Natural Crystal Deo (potassium alum)
- RazoRock R-160 balm
- Rose of Bulgaria AS
- Roberts Borotalcum
- Speick balm
- Tabac AS
- Vitos Colonia, Lavanda AS
- West Indies Bay Rum AS

- Calvin Klein Eternity, Summer
- Lancombe Miracle Homme
- Umbro eau de toilette, Ice

Pomade - done

- Reuzel Blue
- Reuzel Green

Fountain Pens & Inks

Fountain Pens

- Kaweco Classic Sport, Clear (F nib, 1.1mm nib, 1.5mm nib, 3 squeeze convertors)
- Lamy 2000, EF
- Wing Sung 601 vacumatic, gray, F

Inks (not counting samples)

- Noodler's 5 O'Clock Shadow
- Noodler's Liberty's Elysium
- P.W. Akkerman, 5 - Shocking Blue
- P.W. Akkerman, 16 - Bekakt Haags (brown)

Inks - done (not counting samples)

- Parker Quink, Blue-Black

3017 Log

???????- Oct.14.2012.....Col.Conk Amber (small puck)
Oct.15 - Dec.19.2012.....VDH Deluxe
Dec.20 - Jan.07.2013.....Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet (partial tub)..... Wowwee!!!!
Jan.08 - Mar.06.2013.....C&E Sienna cream
Mar.07 - Mar.28.2013.....Mama Bear Aged Spice (mug soap; they're so tiny, they're cute!)
Mar.29 - May.25.2013.....Palmolive Classica Naturale cream
May.26 - Jun.22.2013.....Proraso Green tube (partial tube, old formula)
Jun.23 - Sep.27.2013.....TOBS Sandalwood cream (I love sandalwood products)
Sep.28 - Nov.02.2013.....Mama Bear Northwoods (partial puck)
Nov.03 - Dec.14.2013.....Mama Bear Amber Romance (partial puck)
Dec.15 - Jan.31.2014.....Klar Kabinett (partial, suspended to 3017 D.R.Harris PIF)
Feb.01 - Aug.29.2014.....D.R. Harris Arlington ........ Nope, no typo; 215 shaves from that puck
Aug.30 - Sep.29.2014.....Klar Kabinett (back in use after the Arlington finished)
Sep.30 - Oct.15.2014.....Rose of Bulgaria cream (partial tube)
Oct.16 - Oct.20.2014.....D.R. Harris Almond (partial tube)
Oct.21 - Oct.31.2014.....RazoRock XXX (partial tub)
Nov.01 - Dec.24.2014.....Blue Willy (grated Williams soaked in Aqua Velva)
Dec.25 - Feb.20.2015.....Dr Dittmar
Feb.21 - Mar.31.2015.....12 cream samples from Mr Bingle Secret Santa
Apr.01 - Apr.19.2015.....Mama Bear Lime Ice (partial puck)
Apr.20 - Jun.22.2015.....Captain's Choice Bay Rum (1/2 container)
Jun.23 - Aug.13.2015.....Mama Bear Winter Grapefruit (partial puck)
Aug.14 - Oct.10.2015.....Godrej round
Oct.11 - Nov.20.2015.....Mitchell's Wool Fat (partial puck)
Nov.21 - Jan.05.2016.....Mama Bear Cucumber Mint (partial puck)
Jan.06 - Feb.15.2016.....Mama Bear Dragon's Blood (partial puck)
Feb.16 - Apr.17.2016.....Cella, Crema da Barba all'Olio di Mandorla
Apr.18 - May.22.2016.....Klar Kabinett (partial puck) **** converted to Nougat blend with 5 other soaps
May.23 - Jun.07.2016.....Proraso Sandalwood (partial tube)
Jun.08 - Sep.27.2016.....nougat (partials of Klar Kabinett, Valobra stick, La Toja stick, Mama Bear's Hydrogen, Mama Bear's Hazelnut, and Arko)
Sep.28 - Oct.28.2016.....Samples (Stone Cottage Hesperides, Mama Bear Spicey Lime)
Oct.29 - Nov.10.2016.....WSP Tobacco, travel puck
Nov.11 - Nov.21.2016.....WSP Matterhorn, travel puck
Nov.22 - Jan.10.2017.....Monsavon
Jan.11 - Feb.01.2017.....Godrej round (suspended to participate in 3017 WILLIAMS thread)
Feb.02 - Apr.07.2017.....Vegan Willy (grated Williams soaked in Lilac Vegetal)
Apr.08 - May.14.2017.....Godrej round (continuation)
May.15 - Apr.29.2019.....P.160 Tipo Morbido (650g).... 23.5 months!!
Apr.30 - May.06.2019.... Mystic Water Coconut Sandalwood sample
May.07 - Jul.21.2019......Shaving Yeti Mamacita on the Rocks
Jul.22 - Sep.27.2019......Through the Fire Fine Craft Sue Moore Pink Grapefruit
Sep.28 - Oct.03.2019.....Dove Shave Gel, travel size
Oct.04 - Oct.09.2019......Williams (Suspended to perform some soap testing)
Oct.10 - Dec.14.2019......CBL Tonsorial samples (Jeris, SIR Fougere, Oatmeal Stout)
Dec.15 - Feb.04.2020......Williams (resumed)
Feb.05 - May.26.2020......Pitralon
May.27 - Jul.26.2020......Williams
Jul.27 - Oct.04.2020.....Godrej round
Oct.05 - Nov.29.2020.....Haslinger Aloe Vera
Nov.30 - Feb.12.2021.....Nivea cream
Feb.13 - Apr.19.2021.....Palmolive stick European
Apr.20 - xxx.xx.2021.....Soapy Bathman Tropical Lime

365 Shaves Log


Shave Purchase Sabbaticals

2011 : failed on Mar.03 (black tip SS - no longer have; PIF'd to a friend Aug.2011)
2012 : failed on Apr.10 (futur - no longer have; sold May.2012)
2013 : failed on Jan.31 (JNat - no longer have; sold Nov.2014)
2014 : failed on Apr.23 (Puma Inox No.63 - no longer have; sold Aug.2014)
2015 : survivor!!
2016 : failed on Jul.03 (Le Grelot Campiono - no longer have; traded May.2017)
2017 : survivor!!
2018 : survivor!!
2019 : failed on Mar.23 (Chubby 2 synth)
2020 onwards: did not play

RazoRock Scents

AcquaCK One
American BarberYSL Rive Gauche
Black BayLaurel bay leaf, without cloves
Blue BarbershopFloid Blue
ChicagoL'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme
Dead SeaLemon, rosemary, saffron, cannabis oil
Don MarcoTFS Bergamot Neroli
EmperorAventus (Creed)
GoldPaco Rabane One Million
Irish CountrysideGreen Irish Tweed (Creed)
MudderfockerBoellis Panama
New YorkPolo Sport
NomadZizonia (Penhaligons)
Project Unlabeled1881 Men by Cerruti
PurosTobacco leaf, like a cigar store humidor
Santa Maria del FioreSanta Maria Novella Tobacco Tuscano
SaturniaMediterranean herbs, mineral water salts
Son of ZeusHermes Terre d'Hermes
StalionAdP Oud
Tuscan OudTom Ford tobacco oud / Alt Innsbruck EdC
XAdP Fico di Amalfi
XXAdP Mirto di Panarea
XXXAdP ColoniaGood to rebuy
Zi' PeppinoTFS Tobaco Verde
Black LabelYSL Rive Gauche
Blue LabelFloid Blue
Gold LabelAdP Colonia
Green LabelCitrus Fougere

Wish list (stuff for down the road)

Maggard MR7 stand for my ASD2

Pre de Provence 63
Pre de Provence Bergamot and Thyme
Vitos Extra Super

Not interested In ...

- Barbus
- Crown King Shaving
- How To Grow A Moustache
- IKON Razor
- Petal Pusher Fancies
- Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements
- Pitralon soap (AS is great!)
- Razor Emporium
- Sebum
- Shaving Yeti
- Through the Fire Fine Craft
- Wilkinson Sword soap (blue/black bowls)


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