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Welcome to Bill's shave wiki.

I started shaving in the mid '70s. I would use my Dad's Super Adjustable after he went to work, I always thought I was sneaky about it and he was none the wiser. For my 15th or 16th birthday he gave me my own Super Adjustable and said now you won't be screwing my blades up all the time. Busted. He also gave me a red ball hot top, it snapped onto a standard Foamy can and dispensed wonderful warm lather.

The Trac II came out about this time too. Every cool kid had to have one, It was the first of many free razors to arrive in the mail. The early Trac II refused to rinse clean, repeated banging against the sink was required to clear it, resulting in less than spectacular shaves. To the trash it went fairly quick.

When I got to basic training it became clear a locker inspection was not going to be passed with a used razor, no matter how much time you put into detailing it the TI would find a microscopic bit of soap scum and fail the locker. A new Bic disposable every inspection day was the trick, so the Super Adjustable went bye-bye. I shaved with the Bics for a bit. At some point another Trac II showed up in the mail and I used it for a long time. Then the Mach 3 started arriving in the mail, I often wondered if Gillette was targeting military or if it was just dumb luck. We moved about 5 years ago, I found 8 Mach 3 handles in the bathroom drawers and know I didn't buy a single one, and I'm sure several were tossed out during other moves through the years too.

A few electrics came and went. I always liked the shave off a new electric, but never would replace the heads. After a couple years the razor burn would become noticeable and back to wet shaving I would go. Another Super Adjustable made a brief appearance, along with the Mach 3s that continually arrived in the mail. As long as the freebies kept coming I couldn't see spending money on razors. I also shaved only when I had to, never on a day off and not on a duty day if I thought I could slide by.

Through the years I frequently experimented with a brush and soap, usually Williams, sometimes Old Spice. Since this was pre-B&B or YouTube, I made the assumption you dropped the puck in a mug and attacked it with a wet brush. Mounds of lather soon followed, and this is still my preferred lather making method today. While they worked extremely well for me, shaving was a chore to get over and done with as quick as possible, so Foamy and Edge were my normal go to products.

After retiring from the USAF, a change to Law Enforcement had me shaving every day for 15 years. Hated every minute of it, kept swapping between a Mach 3 and a Norelco. A few years ago I caught Rick Harrison peddling the Micro Touch One on late night TV. Knowing better than to order off of any TV "call right now" commercial, I hit the internet to see what was available. A Parker 99R, TOBS Sandalwood, and a VDH boar were soon on the way, then a bit later I stumbled across the Badger and Blade. As they say, the rest is history.

Listed here are the items I use and my general impressions.


Double Edge Razors

I am gonna get shot here, but I typically get a better shave from new razors than the vintage Gillette. About the only exceptions are the Super Adjustable and NEW. Fun to collect and try though. I am not a hoarder, I only have one of each of these. When I come across one in better condition I sell off, or PIF, the previous one. It irks me to see guys with 32 FatBoy razors, or whatever, stashed in a box while other folks can't get one.

Edwin Jagger

DE89Lbl2014More aggressive than a Super Speed, but not as much as my Parker 99R.
Good all around razor.


Grande2015Gunmetal finish. Fairly aggressive, easy BBS. Finish failed after a few shaves,
GunKote Gunmetal Blue now!


Aristocrat--48-50With box, good condition - lots of lacquer wear. I get great shaves, solid
DFS to BBS with ease.
Fat BoyE33Q59Birthday razor. I don't really care for it, All metal Super Adjustable is a much
better razor
LadyI11Q63Blue Star
NEW LC--29-41Odd set, handle is probably from a NEW Deluxe. Good shave, easy DFS
NEW SC--29-41GunKote. One of my top Gillettes. Solid, easy DFS - BBS
Old Type--20-28Harsh and unforgiving
Single Ring 460-B--1916Better than the Old Type I have
SlimH22Q62Like new. Great shaver, I like it better than a Fatboy.
Super AdjustableU11Q74All metal, later versions had plastic base plates. Possibly my favorite Gillette,
what I started shaving with in the mid '70s. Beats the Fatboy & Slim by a
wide margin.
Super Speed - 40sX44Q52I like better than the 50's SS
Super Speed - Black HandleP44Q70Too light & mild
Super Speed - 40s Black TipW33Q51Mild, but usable. Aluminum handle, lightweight.
Super Speed - Blue TipB33Q56Too light & mild
Super Speed - Flare Tip
E22Q59PIF away when I scored an E3
Super Speed - Flare TipE33Q59Birthday razor. Can give a good shave, prep and take my time
Super Speed - Red TipC44Q57Can be harsh, not my favorite, but usable
Tech, Ball EndY44Q53Tough to get a good shave, too mild
Tech, Ball End, Gold--46-50Long slot
Tech, Ball End, GoldY44Q53NOS Full size travel set with brush and soap
Tech, Ball End, TravelK11Q65Short handle, compact leather travel set
Tech, Ball End, TravelL11Q66NOS short handle, compact tin travel set
Tech, Fat Handle--39-46Triangle slot, works better than newer Techs


R-41 Grande2013BBS every time!


3-piece2014Custom lignum vitae handle, fairly aggressive, consistent BBS
(I get the heads from The Golden Nib)
99R2013One of my favorites. Heavy, long handle, more aggressive than a Super
Speed, very nice to use. If I am traveling and only taking one razor, this is it.
(Great shaves and easy to replace if need be)


Jaws2015Heavy brass handle, Parker 24C head. Very nice, medium aggressive.


RR-6S2015Stainless, multi base plate. Real danger of becoming my daily driver, EASY
BBS with GSB every time!


93062013About the same as my 40s Super Speed, does OK

Single Edge Razors

I really like a good single-edge razor. Keep the cap almost flat on the face
and shave away!


Massage Bar24-30sLike new, box, instructions, one NOS Kriss Kross blade left. Tried it, once.
Used a NOS Kriss Kross blade. Didn't finish.
Supposedly can use injector blades, I can't get one to stay put in it!

Colonial Razors

The General2017Feather/KAI blades. Solid brass, somewhat rough finish right off the
lathe/mill, no polish. 130g, balance is very much to the handle, somewhat
awkward to use. Very mild, BBS is doable, but requires effort.
After a few months in and out of use, it has clawed its way into the top 10.


Speed30-40NOS, box, instructions, blades (sealed)


19121920sAggressive, but very smooth, easy BBS.
Compliments of Ben Franklin Hotel, Philadelphia.
1926 SesquiCenntenial Exposition
1912 Damaskeene1916Heavy, short handle
Featherweight GoldToo mild, hard to get a BBS without irritation
G-Bar40s-50sVery nice
Junior, Fat Handle, Gold1912 with a fat handle...
Micromatic Bullseye38-40s"Bullet Tip" Shaves about like the G-Bar
Micromatic Clog Pruf41+Gold, NOS, complete with blades, tags
Micromatic Clog Pruf41+Nickle, heavy wear, user grade. Very nice shaver.
Micromatic Open Comb29-38Like new "Antenna Handle", another easy BBS
Push-Button50sUser grade, too light & mild for me


Black Hawk2016Feather AC blades, super lightweight. Great shaver.


Viscount'50sNOS, pristine, full docs


Injector "G1"50-53User grade, leatherette case, key
Injector "G1"50-53Very nice, clean red plastic case. Very user friendly, simple BBS.
Injector "I"54-58Took a while to master, now I really like it, milder than the "G1"

Straight Razors

A master of straight razor shaving I am not, but I do enjoy the challenge.
Problem is not really the shaving, but the honing and maintaining the edge.
No one can roll off an edge like I can!

Bengall5/8pre 1891Swedish
GencoSeneca Chief1916-35Nice, Geneva Cutlery
Gold Dollar66modernModded for 2016 competition. Shaves pretty well.
Gold Dollar208modernBig and heavy, hones OK, shaves so-so. I have a couple I've modded.
Pabst & Kohler5551920-40My current favorite. Easy to hone, easy to maneuver


Double Edge

7 AM PlusHi PlatinumIndia
AstraSuper PlatinumRussia:001_smileSmooth and consistent
DerbyExtra Super StainlessTurkey:bored:Usable, better choices there are...
Micro Touch
:angry:Do not like them, will not replace them
FeatherHi-StainlessJapan:001_smileOver rated. They are a good blade, not as fearsome as some would lead
you to believe.
Gillette7 O'Clock Sharp EdgeRussia:001_smileYellow pack, very sharp, first shave can be somewhat harsh, settles into
a nice shave for the next 3-4 runs.
Gillette7 O'Clock Super PlatinumIndia:biggrin1:Black pack, smooth and sharp. Hard to find.
GilletteSilver BlueRussia:w00t:My #1
LaserUltraIndia:001_smileVery nice first shave, fades fast after that. 2-3 max.
LordBig BenEgypt:bored:Very inconsistent, one blade will be OK, next one is horrid. Even the good
ones are far from great.
MerkurSuperGermany:001_smileI don't get the negative hype. Very nice 3 shaves and toss.
PersonnaBlueUSA:001_smileMaybe sharper than GSB, but not as smooth. 3-4 good shaves.
RapiraStainlessRussia:biggrin1:Very nice, another one with a solid 3-4 shaves for me.
RockwellStainless??:bored:Swedish stainless. Feels like a Dorco. Lots of tugging, inconsistent.
SharkSuper ChromeEgypt:001_smileCan be harsh, fairly sharp, very usable. Usually I get 3 shaves before
tossing out.
TreetPlatinumPakistan:001_smileI like these, not my #1, but very usable.
VoshkhodTeflonRussia:biggrin1:Very nice. 4 good shaves or so.
Wilkinson SwordClassicGermany:001_smileNothing special, seem to be short lived

Single Edge

ASR GemPersonnaUSA:001_smileFirst shave may be a little rough, settles in for many great ones
ExchangeInjector Platinum ChromeUSA:001_smileMade by ASR. Ten+ good shaves is the norm.
FeatherAC ProfessionalJapan:001_smileVery nice, 7-10, sometimes a couple more, shaves before tossing.
ShickInjectorChina:bored:Not as nice as the ASR blades


I used to prefer boars, but after getting a couple NICE badgers, I am really
appreciating their qualities. Still reach for a boar a couple mornings a week.
Synthetics are OK, but they tend to dribble water on my chest.

Art of ShavingBadger, Best:bored:PIF'ed away
Art of ShavingBadger, PureTrial:bored:Floppy
Body ShopSynth:bored:Meh, small size is good for travel kit
Burma ShaveBoar:bored:Fair knot, a tad better than my VDH. You do know Burma Shave only
made brushless creams, right?
Captain's ChoiceSilvertip24x50mm:w00t:Boom. A badger that I may like better than boars! Solid,lots of
backbone. Hefty aluminum handle.
CustomLignum VitaeBadger, Grade A Silvertip22mm:bored:TGN knot, big, floppy, soft, too soft. Like using a mop.
CustomNorfolk PineBoar24mm:001_smileThe Golden Nib, love these knots
CustomOsage OrangeBadger, Best20mm:001_smileWoodcraft. Cheap knots, tend to disintegrate after several months. But,
can get them locally, and cheap. Use silicone caulk so easy to replace when
CustomAcrylic RazorBadger, Best20mm:001_smileWoodcraft - see above
CustomZircoteBadger, Best20mm:001_smileWoodcraft - see above
Ever-ReadyC40Boar:bored:Really could use a reknot
Mowhawk3-338Boar:biggrin1:TGN knot, lots of backbone, great knot
Omega10066Boar24x56:001_smileDecent brush, dedicated to my "smokey" soaps.
OmegaProfessional 10049Boar25x63:biggrin1:Was my favorite brush
Rudy VeyShavemac FinestBadger23mm:biggrin1:Sweet, great backbone.
SemogueExcelsior 830Boar23x55:w00t:Great boar
SimpsonWee ScotBadger14x35:001_smileGreat, amazing little brush
StirlingKongSynth26mm:w00t:Super brush, dribbles water if too wet


Pre-shave products are either snake oil hokum, or magic stuff, depends on
your point of view and there is little middle ground. I really like using a pre-
shave oil, it leaves me with a much better face feel. A few DROPS of oil, not
the spoonfuls you see on some videos, thoroughly massaged into the face
conditions the skin allowing it to flow around the razor and blade (no, it does
not make the shave slicker). If you get an oil slick in the sink, or a greasy brush,
or nasty razor, you are using way too much. I find it takes a few days for the
effect to become apparent, and when I go away and forget the oil, after a few
days my face feels raw after a shave.

Art of ShavingSandalwoodOil:bored:Very sticky - use LOTS of hot water. Works very well, aroma lingers all day.
Art of ShavingUnscentedOil:bored:ditto
Blades GrimSmolderOil:001_huh:Pipe tobacco smoke aroma, nice, but lasts too long. Decent oil, thicker than
my home made, not as think as AoS. Neither like nor dislike.
HomemadeOil:biggrin1:Olive, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Castor oil equal parts. Slick and needs no added
water, no lingering aroma. I have added essential oils for aroma, but prefer
it scentless.
DoveMen +Care Face WashSoap:bored:Handy for traveling
NoxemaClassic Clean:001_smileA little goes a long ways, works great
VariesOlive oil and/or glycerin body barSoap:bored:Wash and prep in one

Soaps and Creams

I started shaving in the 70s. A wet brush seemed natural and I still use a
sopping wet brush to load the lather today. If I can't get a good shave from
a soap no one can. The quality of the shave is more important than how
thick the lather can be. Scent is also a biggie for me, like food, if it doesn't
smell good the brain tells me it isn't good.

African Black SoapShea Butter CreamCream:angry:Tossed out - Lousy, greasy, nasty
ArkoSoap:biggrin1:Everyone has to have some in the den.
Great Monday soap, lathers without effort.
Art of ShavingLavenderCream:001_smileVery nice, lots of great lather, very good scent.
Art of ShavingLemonCream:001_huh:Great lather, don't care for the scent, smells "artificial" or chemical to me.
Art of ShavingSandalwoodCream:001_smileLove it, lots of smell, lots of lather.
Art of ShavingUnscentedCream:001_huh:Great lather, blah to use.
Barberry Coast Bay RumSoap:001_smileGlycerin melt-n-pour. Very nice soap, slick. Great match to Ogallala Bay
Rum After Shave. Used about half the puck then lost it.
Barrister & Mann Seville Soap :biggrin1:Very slick. Very thirsty. Great barbershop scent.
C.O. BigelowEucalyptusCream:001_smileUse it for travel. Proraso Green in a cream.
Captain's Choice45th ParallelSoap:001_smileGood stuff. Cherry almond scented.
Captain's ChoiceBay RumSoap:biggrin1:Great soap, my favorite from the Captain, favorite Bay Rum hands down!
Captain's ChoiceLimeSoap:001_smileGood stuff, low linger.
Captain's ChoiceNorthSoap:biggrin1:Very soft, great scent, medium linger.
Captain's ChoiceSandalwoodSoap:001_smileGreat scent, great lather.
Captain's ChoiceVentureSoap:biggrin1:Great scent, great lather. Aventus inspired.
Catie's BubblesA Midnight DrearyCroap:001_smileNice, earthy smell. Low linger. Slick & nice.
Catie's BubblesGlace HerbeCroap:001_smileFaint menthol, faint scent, good lather though.
Catie's BubblesLa Terre VerteCroap:biggrin1:Great stuff, love the scent. Medium linger.
Catie's BubbleTacticalCroap:biggrin1:Fantastic shave, gun oil/solvent notes, lots of linger.
CellaAlmondCroap:biggrin1:Nice, great lather.
Crabtree & EvelynIndian SandalwoodSoap:angry:Lousy lather - shower duty.
Crabtree & EvelynNomadSoap:001_smileLove the scent, good slick lather. Old formula
Crabtree & EvelynWest Indian LimeSoap:angry:Lousy lather - shower duty
Cremo SandalwoodCream:bored:"Lathering" formula in a tub. Scent is nonexistent, lather dissipates quickly, slickness
is not there. Usable, but that's all it has.
Dr. Bronner'sOrganicSoap:bored:A very thin, watery soap in a tube. Lathers OK, requires lots of water.
Shave is so-so with a fair bit of drag. Pass it by, get KMF if you want
organic vegan with a good shave.
DR HarrisArlingtonSoap:001_smileClassic hard English soap, a little light on the scent, very slick.
Edwin JaggerSea BuckthornSoap:sad:Soft soap, good scent, thin lather. I really tried to like this, used it
periodically over two years, eventually tossed it. Couldn't get a
decent shave for whatever reason.
Fine AccoutrementsAmerican BlendSoap:biggrin1:Love the smell, great soap very similar to Tabac
HaslingerSalbieSoap:biggrin1:Sage (low scent), great lather, great glide
HaslingerSchafmilchSoap:biggrin1:Lanolin, great lather, great glide, maybe #1
Herban CowboyDuskSoap:angry:Good scent, worst soap I have bought - shower duty
Kiss My FaceCool MintCream:001_smileDecent lather, good scent, nice glide. Mix with Arko and kill a shave!
Kiss My FaceGreen Tee & BambooCream:001_smileDecent lather, so-so scent, nice glide. Mix with Arko and kill a shave!
Kiss My FaceLavenderCream:001_smileDecent lather, good scent, nice glide. Mix with Arko and kill a shave!
Mitchell's Wool FatSoap:biggrin1:Great, mounds of creamy, thick lather.
NeutrogenaCream:001_huh:Lather less, OK for touchups.
OgallalaBay RumSoap:001_smileGlycerin. Nice match to the splash, good lather & slickness.
Old SpiceIndiaCream:001_smileLittle scent, nice lather.
Old SpiceShutonSoap:biggrin1:Great stuff. Not much scent, but lots of slick, creamy, lather. Well worth finding. Was my favorite soap in the 80s.
PalmoliveClassicSoap:bored:Works, not a favorite. Grated into a puck, still so-so.
Pre de ProvenceNo. 63Soap:biggrin1:Hard milled French soap, great scent. great lather.
ProrasoGreenCroap:biggrin1:Solid performer.
RazorockCC Bay RumSoap:biggrin1:Almost a croap, great scent, great lather.
Saint Charles ShaveOakmoss LavendulaSoap:001_smileMild scent, very nice lather.
Soap CommanderCourageSoap:001_smileGreat scent, kind of peppery. Takes a lot of loading to get a decent shave.
Spinster SisterSandalwoodSoap:angry:Three different formulas, none lathered, none were slick - shower duty
StirlingBarbershopSoap:angry:Fantastic scent
StirlingBlack IceSoap:angry:SPOILED! High menthol, licorice scent.
StirlingExecutive ManSoap:angry:SPOILED! Nice, very nice. Creed Aventus inspired.
StirlingGlacial, Lemon ChillSoap:angry:SPOILED! Tears while shaving, by third pass the face freeze is in full effect!
StirlingGlacial, ObsidianSoap:angry:SPOILED! Tears while shaving, by third pass the face freeze is in full effect!
StirlingMargaritas in the ArcticSoap:angry:SPOILED! Nice scent, medium menthol
StirlingOzark MountainSoap:angry:SPOILED! What shave soap should smell like, reordered! Kind of a woodsy holiday
StirlingSandalwoodSoap:angry:SPOILED! A very nice smelling sandalwood, somewhere between Captain's Choice and AoS.
StirlingScots Pine SheepSoap:biggrin1:I love a good lanolin based soap, this is made with mutton tallow, with
added lanolin. Slick! Very nice pine scent too!
StirlingSharp Dressed ManSoap:angry:SPOILED! Blew through two samples, now have the 5.8oz jar. Green Irish Tweed inspired.
StirlingVanilla SandalwoodSoap:angry:SPOILED! Nice
TabacSoap:biggrin1:Easy to make lots of creamy, thick lather. Smells like a barbershop to me.
Taylor of Old Bond StreetSandalwoodSoap:001_smileClassic hard soap, great scent, good lather.
The Holy BlackGunpowder & SpiceSoap:biggrin1:Heavy Spice, with a little black powder scent in the background! Lather
builds fast and slick. Great soap!
The Holy BlackMountain ManSoap:biggrin1:Smoky goodness, with a little forest scent in the background! I keep
smelling the smoke for hours, hard to rinse smoke out of the brush, I dedicated
an Omega to it. Lather builds fast and slick. Great soap!
The Real Shave CoScentedCream:001_smileLove the scent, easy to lather.
Van Der HagenDeluxeSoap:bored:So-so - shower duty
Van Der HagenLuxurySoap:bored:So-so. Love the scent, easy to lather.
Victory Shaving CompanyFlight EngineerSoap:001_smileBamboo-Ginger-Coconut. Very nice, easy to lather. Fantastic scent, very
hard long lasting. Reminds me of hard French soaps. Local veteran owned.
Victory Shaving CompanyNavigatorSoap:001_smileTobacco and Bay Leaf. Very nice, easy to lather, very hard long lasting.
Weakest scent of the four I have, still very nice to use. Local veteran owned.
Victory Shaving CompanyPilotSoap:001_smileSandalwood and Cedar with a hint of Jasmine and Bergamot. Very nice,
easy to lather, very hard long lasting. Reminds me of hard French soaps.
Fantastic scent, not your typical Sandalwood.
Local veteran owned.
Victory Shaving CompanyRadio OperatorSoap:001_smileRed cedar - oakmoss - patchouli. Very nice, easy to lather. Fantastic scent,
very hard long lasting. Reminds me of hard French soaps.
Local veteran owned.
VulfixLavenderCream:001_smileGreat lather, scent OK, with a heavy soap 2nd note. Wife says there is a
lot of musk there too, I don't smell it.
VulfixSicilian LimeCream:001_smileGreat lather, great scent
Wild West Shaving CoBlack GoldSoap:001_smileBlack Cardamom, Black Pepper, Eucalyptus, Cashmere, Amber, Patchouli,
Sandalwood, Bergamot, Green Apple, Geranium. Great, strong scent.
Average to above average lathering, packaged in 2oz chew can, a little tough
to load from.
Wild West Shaving CoBlack SailsSoap:001_smileEucalyptus, Cashmere, Amber, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Green
Apple, Geranium. Great, strong scent, my fave so far. Average to above
average lathering, packaged in 2oz chew can, a little tough to load from.
Wild West Shaving CoThe OutlawSoap:001_smileLeather, Gunpowder & Burnt Honey. Great scent, milder than the other
WWSC I have. Average to above average lathering, packaged in 2oz chew
cans, a little tough to load from.
WilliamsSoap:001_smileNothing shaves like it, lots and lots and lots of water, lather on the puck.
Retired or Used Up
Will not replace


An aftershave has to have alcohol and some bite. I have a couple balms, rarely use them. I do use witch hazel on my entire face after a shave to help with breakouts from wearing a full-face CPAP mask each night. I can't remember the last time I used the alum block, never cared for the dry, scaly feeling it leaves me with.

Aqua VelvaIce BlueSplash:001_smileThe basic drugstore aftershave. Gotta always have a bottle on hand.
Aqua VelvaMuskSplash:001_smileMe likey, not an everyday scent though.
Art of ShavingAlum:bored:Don't like the dry, scaly feeling. Witch hazel is a better option for me.
Art of Shaving
LavenderGel:glare:Don't care for it, leaves my face sticky all day PIF'd away
Art of ShavingSandalwoodBalm:001_smileGreat stuff, scent is a bit overpowering
Art of ShavingUnscentedBalm:bored:
Avon Blend 7Splash:001_huh:Fougere, tobacco, leather. Bad combo.
AvonEverestSplash:bored:Citrus, lavender, and a whole bunch of other scents. Not quite yuch, but close
AvonLeatherSplash:001_smileA classic leather aftershave. Good linger.
AvonOlandSplash:001_smileBay Rum meets Leather & Tobacco. Bam.
AvonSure WinnerSplash:bored:Not sure what it is supposed to clone? Very meh scent, no staying power. I can see why it was a short run.
AvonTai WindSplash:001_smileHai Karate clone. Decent scent, low linger.
AvonWild CountrySplash & Balm:001_smileLong time Avon best selling scent for a reason.
BarbasolPacific RushSplash:bored:Fair bit of menthol, sweet note I don't care for
BootleggerArctic Lime BlastSplash:001_smileEqual parts Pinaud Lime Sec & Osage Rub
BootleggerBay RumSplash:001_smileEqual parts Virgin Island & Masters & Superior 70 bay rums. Mild, but
better than the sum of the parts.
BootleggerGreen FreezeSplash:biggrin1:Equal parts Skin Bracer & Osage Rub
BootleggerLime Bay RumSplash:001_smileA nice addition to Bootlegger Bay Rum
BrutClassicSplash:bored:Rather clingy, go sparingly
Captain's Choice45th ParallelSplash:001_smileGood stuff, cherry almond scent, low linger.
Captain's ChoiceBay RumSplash:biggrin1:Great
Captain's ChoiceCat 'O Nine TailsSplash:biggrin1:Yeah dog. Bay Rum with a kick, more than Ogallala!
Captain's ChoiceLimeSplash:biggrin1:Very nice, needs to linger longer!
Captain's ChoiceNorthSplash:biggrin1:Great, juniper/pine scent
Captain's ChoiceSandalwoodSplash:001_smileVery nice
Captain's ChoiceVentureSplash:biggrin1:Aventus inspired
doTERRAAmaviBalm:001_smileLow linger, great feel. EO of Buddha Wood, Melaleuca, Balsam Fir, Peppermint, and Litsea. A must try if you can find a doTERRA dealer.
Duke CannonCooling After-ShaveBalm:001_smileNice feel, enough menthol to cool, not enough to bite. Sandalwood, low scent level, low staying.
Fine AccoutrementsAmerican BlendSplash:biggrin1:Super, great feel. The barbershop scent I've been seeking!
Fine AccoutrementsPlatinumSplash:biggrin1:Creed Aventus clone. Super, not over the top, good for low scent events.
Fine AccoutrementsSantal AbsolutSplash:biggrin1:Sandalwood, very similar to Art of Shaving. Heavy linger, but not
GilletteCool WaveSplash:biggrin1:A favorite. Can be overdone, go easy
GilletteFusion ProglideBalm:001_smileBoring, but feels good.
Humphrey'sCitrusW/H:001_smileNo alcohol, low scent
Humphrey'sCucumber MelonW/H:001_smileNo alcohol, low scent
Lucky TigerSplash:001_smileFeels nice, no lingering scent, good for base coat
MastersBay RumSpalsh:bored:Meh. Low scent.
MennenSkin BracerSplash:001_smileClassic scent
OgallalaBay RumSplash:biggrin1:Could be an every day item. Heavy vanilla hit, the settles into a nice
cowboy style bay rum, almost a veggie note. Great face feel.
OgallalaVanilla Bay RumSplash:bored:Meh. Some Vanilla, little Bay Rum. Feels like water on my face. Not
nearly as potent as the straight Bay Rum.
Old SpiceSplash:001_smileAnother long time drug store classic.
Old SpiceVintageSplash:biggrin1:Slightly more subtle than new, longer linger
PinaudCitrus MuskSplash:001_rolleTolerable, wife really likes.
PinaudClubmanSplash:001_smileThe aftershave baseline
PinaudLilac VegetalSplash:001_huh:Pre '75 - Not chosen, nice glass bottle though
PinaudLime SecSplash:001_huh:OK scent, needs to grow on me. Wife kinda likes it.
PinaudOsage RubSplash:001_smileDon't care for it on my face, great for mixing Bootleggers and good on
scalp for a cool-down.
PinaudSpecial ReserveSplash:001_smileLeather & spice. A man's man scent. Going to the horse track, rescuing damsels
in distress, lumberjack tournament, etc. Not for the faint of heart.
PinaudVirgin Island Bay rumSplash:bored:Big Bay Rum fan, this doesn't grab me.
StetsonSplash:bored:Almost a cologne
StirlingBritish LeatherSplash:bored:Meh. Low power, low leather scent, better leathers out there.
StirlingExecutive ManSplash:001_smileCreed Aventus clone. Nice scent, great feel. Low staying power.
StirlingGlacial, Lemon ChillSplash:001_smilePow! Doesn't linger
StirlingGlacial, ObsidianSplash:001_smilePow! Short scent life
StirlingGatlinburgSplash:bored:Short scent life, unsure if I like or not.
StirlingSharp Dressed ManSplash:001_smileGreen Irish Tweed clone! NIce!
StirlingTexas on FireSplash:biggrin1:Pow! Over the top smoke, almost intolerable. However, after dry down a great fresh cut Cedar and campfire scent. Love it!
Superior 70Bay RumSplash:bored:Very low scent, very boring
T N DickensonUnscentedW/H:bored:Prefer Thayers, very raw W/H smell
ThayersLavenderW/H:001_smileNice feel, nice short aroma
ThayersLemon (Astringent)W/H:001_smileNice feel, nice short aroma
ThayersRoseW/H:001_smileNice feel, nice short aroma


I'm not a big user of colognes. Very few smell good to me, it seems all the
new ones have a very "sweet" note to them that turns me off.

Drakkar NoirEdTSpecial events only
Old Spice (vintage)CologneLow power, good for work.
TabacCologneI really like Tabac scent, could wear daily

Hair Products

I am cursed with a CPAP machine, the mask harness makes my hair stand out in bizarre ways. For years I just cut my hair super close and lived with it. Recently, with a career change, I decided to grow it out. I am finding pomades
work well to tame the harness hair. I also had a rather bushy "western" style mustache, a little wax is needed to tame it, another new job caused the mustache to be trimmed.

Jun '17 - gone is the longer hair, still hate it, still can't control it. Back to growing the mustache a bit though.

BadgerNavigator ClassMustache WaxSoft wax. Easy to work in, low holding power. Good for touch-ups during the day
ClubmanMustache WaxMore of a paste, easy to work into mustache base. Combs well
FirehouseLightMustache WaxVery hard, very tacky. Difficult to work into mustache base, great on tips
Home madeMustache Wax50/50 beeswax/coconut oil. Softer than Badger, easy to work in, light hold.
BrylcreemPomadeMineral oil based. Medium hold, low scent, makes my hair look oily.
DovePomadeWater based. Medium hold, medium barbershop kind of scent. Combs out.
FisticuffsTuff HoldPomadeWater based. Holds well, low scent. Combs out unless water is added.
Hair looks wet. This one and the Dove are about identical.
LayriteGrooming SprayHairsprayNice smell. Light body, hair needs to be damp. Combs OK. Hair looks most
natural of any product I use.
Old SpicePomadePetro based. Light hold, almost invisible. Cannot comb later, have to reapply.
SibelBarburysPomadeWater based. Very stiff & gritty. Holds like glue, hard to comb out.
SuavecitoFirmePomadeWater based. Holds very well, floral scent. Combs later in the day (dry).



I used a few fountain pens in high school (1970s) and never again, until I
stumbled into the Nib a while back. As usual, I had to dive in head first. My
penmanship is somewhere south of lousy, been working at it and can do a
reasonable scrawl when need be.

ArnoldCelluloid (orange streak)LeverMReally a fine writer. Real small and light.
CrossAventuraPlastic (black)Cartridge/ConverterMLightweight, easy writer, non-posting
J. HerbinGlass (red)Dip PenFun.
JinhaoX750Metal (black matte)Cartridge/ConverterMVery nice for the price. Medium nib is very fat & wet. Replaced with
Goulet Ultra-XF, now it is a great pen!
Karas KustomsFountain KAluminum (blue)Cartridge/ConverterXFHeavy duty work pen, lots of fine writing in log books
Noodler'sCharlieClear plasticEyedropperMHave a couple, freebies from Noodler's with 4.5 oz bottle purchase.
Very light, very slim. Likes to burp, but writes quite well.
(Keep napkin handy!)
PilotMetropolitanMetal (purple)Cartridge/ConverterFVery nice, very fine. Great for a carry pen
PlatinumPreppyClear plasticEyedropperFeltFine point. I have several, take two to work with Black and Red inks to
make price/info tags. Beats the worn out Sharpies everyone else uses!
WoodcraftEl GrandeWhite Smoke Ring AcrylicCartridge/ConverterMScritchy, almost fine nib. To big for carry.
WoodcraftEl GrandeOsage OrangeCartridge/ConverterMScritchy too.
WoodcraftContinentalLacewoodCartridge/ConverterMHeavyweight, nice, non-posting.
WoodcraftContinentalBlue AcrylicCartridge/ConverterMHeavyweight, nice, non-posting.
WoodcraftKojentCopper Haze acrylicCartridge/ConverterFVery nice writer, hefty
WoodcraftKojentLacewoodCartridge/ConverterFWetter than the other Kojent, still a great writer.


Heads up! I'm partially red/green color blind so my color choices & descriptions
may seem a little odd to others.
CrossBlack:001_smileStandard black ink, very wet, can wick with ease. (Allegedly Pelikan ink)
CrossBlackCartridge:bored:Black, proprietary, small
DiamineAncient Copper (brown):001_smileNice. Good flow, smooth. Minimal wicking.
DiamineApple Glory (green):001_smileGreat shading, a little fussy to write with
DiamineImperial Purple:biggrin1:Very wet, solid color, some shading
J. HerbinLie de The (brown):bored:Meh. Too light for a brown, too wet. Inconsistent flow
MontBlancLeo Tolstoy (sky blue):biggrin1:Very nice, solid dark blue. Flows great, well behaved. Gotta buy!
Noodler'sArmy Green:bored:Undecided. Wet and wicks a lot. Looks orangish to me.
Noodler'sEel Blue AmericanLubricated:biggrin1:I like it, flows nice, little to no wicking. Really stands out on the page.
Noodler'sEel Rattlers RedLubricated:001_smileWet and dark, what red should be. Minimal wicking.
Noodler'sDragon's Napalm (orange)Fluorescent:w00t:Wow, looks dark orange to me. Very wet, needs a fine nib.
Noodler'sHeart of Darkness (black)Permanent:001_smileNeed a well behaved permanent ink for logs at work. Very wet, loves to
wick on cheap paper.
Noodler'sYear of the Golden Pig (yellow)Highlighter:001_smileFun. Hard to read, great for highlighting/noodling.
Nostalgic ImpressionsDark RedGround:bored:Not very dark, no shading, heavy wicking. Lots of grit, clogs nibs. Use dip
pen or felt tip. Been taking to work in a felt Preppie to use up making price
tags! Almost too wet for this too!
Pilot IroshizukuKon-Peki
(cerulean blue)
:biggrin1:I really like this for some reason.
Pilot IroshizukuYama-Guri
(wild chestnut)
:biggrin1:Great ink. Good flow, medium wet, looks dark brown to me, lightens
under bright light.
Pilot NamikiPurpleCartridge:bored:I like Imperial Purple better. Too light, no character.
Robert & Klingner
Alt Goldrun
(Old Golden Green)

No likey. Too light, too watery, too odd colored.
SheafferSkrip Green:001_smileNice flow, medium wet, great light green/turquoise color. Sample, had to
buy a bottle!
StipulaSaffron (yellow):bored:OK, looks more of a burnt orange than yellow
WatermanSerenity Blue:001_smileDark Blue. Nice. Period.
Retired or sample


??English BulldogBriar:001_smilePIF from Price, very nice smoker
CasilleroBilliard BentBriar:bored:Basket pipe, smokes OK, fishing & shop pipe
Dr GrabowDuke RusticatedBriar:001_smileSmaller pipe, good for the drive to work
LarryssonB&B LE 2018 #14Briar:001_smileGreat smoke
Mike HClay & ReedClay:001_smileHomemade clay, reed stem. Very nice smoke. Thanks Mike!
Missouri MeershamAssortedCob:001_smileI have a few cobs, all smoke great, cool dry. Camping/fishing pipes, and goopy aros. Forever stems added to all, major improvement!
SavinelliArcobaleno Smooth Blue 606KS - bentBriar:001_smileLarger pipe, smooth smoker
SavinelliTre Rusticated 105 - BilliardBriar:001_smileSmaller pipe, another great drive to work
StanwellBlack Diamond 406 - bentBriar:001_smileRhodesian. Smooth smoker.
StanwellBlack Diamond 52 - straightBriar:001_smileBilliard. Smaller pipe, tends to run hot
StanwellBrushed Brown 304 - Apple bentBriar:001_smileGreat smoker, favorite pipe.
W.O. LarsenLE 2015 - bentBriar:001_smileLarger pipe, smooth smoker


I prefer non-aro tobaccos. Only local shop is a Smokers Friendly. Carries Sutliff with their rebrand, and a few Peterson. Mostly cigars and cheap cigarettes.
AshtonArtisan's BlendVirginia, Turkish, Latakia, Perique:001_smileVery nice & mellow
Blenders GoldRoyal CherryCavendish:bored:Tolerable
Borkum RiffBourbon WhiskeyBurley, Virginia:angry:Yuch. Binned before pouch was finished
Carter HallBurley, Virginia:001_smileWhile nothing special, it has become my workshop & fishing smoke
Cornell & DiehlCarolina Red FlakeVirginia:w00t:Nice, very nice. Gotta go slow.
Cornell & DiehlHaunted BookshopBurley, Virginia, Perique:w00t:Nice, very nice. My current goto.
Cornell & DiehlJolly Old St NicholasVirginia, Cavendish, Perique:001_smileNice aro
Cornell & DiehlOld Joe KrantzBurley, Virginia, Perique:w00t:Similar, but different to Haunted Bookshop. A very nice smoke.
Cornell & DiehlOld Joe Krantz Red LabelBlack Cavendish, Burley, Latakia, Virginia, Perique:w00t:A very nice smoke. OJK amped up.
DunhillLondon MixtureVirginia, Oriental, Latakia:w00t:Need to lay in more while it is available, a great all-day smoke!
DunhillNightcapVirginia, Latakia:w00t:Need to lay in more while it is available
EsotericaPenzanceLatakia, Oriental, Turkish, Virginia:001_smileSample. Gotta get more.
Germain'sMedium FlakeVirginiaHaven't opened
GL PeaseChelsea MorningVirginia, Latakia, Orientals, Perique:001_smileA nice way to start the day
GL PeaseGaslightLatakia, Virginia, Oriental:001_smileNice patio smoke
GL PeaseHaddo's DelightVirginia, Perique, Cavendish, Burley:001_smileA great evening smoke, potent, lots of flavor.
GL PeaseQuiet NightsVirginia, Oriental, Latakia, Perique:001_smileVery pleasant
L.J. PerettiNo. 8 SliceBurley, Perique, Virginia
L.J. PerettiTashkentLatakia, Oriental, Turkish
Lane1-QVirginia, Black Cavendish:bored:OK
LaneBCABlack Cavendish, Cavendish:bored:Too goopy
LaneHalf & HalfBurley:bored:Meh
McClelland5110Latakia, Oriental, Turkish, Virginia:001_smileGood stuff!
McClellandChristmas Cheer 2013Virginia:001_smileSample
McClellandFrog MortonBlack Cavendish, Cavendish:001_smileVery nice
McClellandFrog Morton CellarVirginia, Latakia:001_smileVery nice. Hording 4oz for a special time.
McClellandFrog Morton on the TownVirginias, Latakia, Basma:001_smileVery nice. Tough call if I like it better than plain Frog Morton
McCraniesRed Flake 2008Virginia
OrlickGolden SlicedVirginia, Perique:001_smileGreat, mellow. Good for watching movies with the wife.
Peter HeinricksDark Strong FlakeVirginias, Burley:001_smileOooh. Very nice. Gotta get more!
Peter StokkebyeLuxury Bullseye FlakeVirginia. Perique, Black Cavendish:001_smileVery nice. Fold-n-stuff, save the sweet blast for last.
Peter StokkebyeLuxury Navy FlakeVirginia. Perique, hint of Cavendish:001_smileVery nice. Very similar to Escudo, could become my #1
PetersonGold BlendCavendish, Bright & Dark Virginia
PetersonLuxury BlendVirginia, Cavendish, Burley:001_smileVery nice. Not a daily smoke, but a nice change
PetersonOld DublinLatakia, Virginia, Cavendish, Basma
PetersonSherlock HolmesOrange & Red, Brazilian, Mysore Indian:bored:Big fan of Doyle's tales, but the tobacco leaves a bit to be desire.
PetersonSunset BreezeVirginia, Burley, Cavendish:bored:Meh. Can't get into it.
PetersonUniversity FlakeMahogany, Burley, Kentucky:bored:Nope. Soaked in PEG. Have to micro it a few seconds before it is smokable. Flavor is so-so.
PlantaPresbyterianVirginia, Latakia, Turkish:001_smileNice and mellow all-day smoke.
SasieniBalkanMacadonia, Latakia, Virginia:001_smileVery mellow and balanced, thought Balkans were supposed to me more "unique"
ScandinavianDrexel VIIIVirginia, Perique:bored:Received a free pouch with a purchase. Yep, worth every penny.
ScandinavianEscudoVirginia, Perique:001_smileFirst tobacco when I came back to pipes. A great standard to compare other tobaccos to.
StanislawScottish AutumnVirginia
Sutliff150 Mark TwainCavendish, Burley, Virginia:001_smileMy favorite aro. Clean, burns well, not goopy.
SutliffCrumble Kake Red VirginiaVirginia
Sutliff - Smoker FriendlyClassic BlackCavendish :angry:Yuch. Dime sized shred, sticky, wet, goopy. Binned after two tries.
Sutliff - Smoker FriendlyJamacian RumCavendish :bored:Tolerable
Sutliff - Smoker FriendlySweet NaturalCavendish :bored:Tolerable
Sutliff - Smoker FriendlyVanillaCavendish :bored:Tolerable, not opposed to replacing
W.O. LarsenOld FashionedVirginia, Burley:001_smileMaple & Chocolate topping. Nice.
Retired or sample
Will not replace

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