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My shaving stuff stuff.


Brushes I made myself:

RV Pure Badger (Shavemac knot) with Lignum Vitae handle

RV Finest (Golden Nib knot) with faux horn handle

RV Silvertip (Golden Nib knot) highly figured Narra handle

Bought brushes:

C&E Best Badger Brush

C&E Pure Badger Travel brush



Adjustable Slim

Featherweight GEM


Several Mach 3 (original handle, C&E handles)


selection of the most common available blades, have not settled for one, but like the yellow 7 o'clocks quite good

Creams (in no special order):

CF Cedarwood and Sandalwood

CF Limes

CF Lavender

TOBS Mr Taylor

TOBS Sandalwood

TOBS Shaving Essentials sampler pack

T+H Grafton

T+H Lavender

Trumper's Sandalwood

Floris Elite

Floris 89

C&E Nomad

AOS Sandalwood

SCS Bulgarian Lavender

Vulfix Lavender

Vulfix Sandalwood

Vulfix Sicilian Limes

Bigelow's (Proraso)

ARKO Citrus

ARKO Lemon

Plus samples from Penhaligons (4)


Pre de Provence received as a PIF

Susie's Bubbles: Neroli, Sandalwood, Lavender, Tea Tree, Limes

Two samples of SCS soaps

Aftershave treatments (splashes, balms, milks):

Trumper's Skinfood in Sandalwood and Coral

Nivea Cooling ASB

Floris 127

T+H Grafton

SCS Bulgarian Lavender

CF Cedarwood/Sandalwood

Colognes (EdC, EdT, EdP):

Knize Ten

Czech and Speake #88

Elizabeth Arden Sandalwood

CF Lonach

Trumper's Eucris

Vetiver (1948)
Imperial Millisime (will be traded soon)

Brooks Bros

C&E: Nomad, Sandalwood, Limes, Siena

Azzaro Pour Homme

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