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About me & stuff

First, a little bit about me… I am of almost 75% English descent and 25% other northern European. I am almost 50 years old and have had the luxury of having very soft and fine facial hair (back when I wore facial hair). It was very soft and easy to shave. I think I only really needed to shave about every 2 or 3 days back then. Recently, I decided to grow out my facial hair again. After a few months of growing it out and trimming it, I discovered that my facial hair is now akin to a wire brush (this is even after trying every moisturizer / butter / softener that I could possibly find on it). And this makes my stubble about tough as trying to shave sandpaper (I honestly think that I could light a match on it). It’s gotten to the point where I’ve taken to using an electric rotary style razor. It’s good and quick. However, I really don’t get a great shave with it. By noon my chin gets scratchy and long before 5 O’clock, I should really shave again. I don’t really get razor burn with it but the shave “hurts”. I really can’t describe it better than that. I change the heads once a year and keep it pretty clean otherwise. I cannot seem to get a good comfortable shave with it.​
So, I’d been reading more and more about using a double edge safety razor. Folks swear by them. I don’t know why I’d never looked into them before, but then again, I was younger and internet resources weren’t as readily available. I did, however know about shaving soaps from an article in Playboy of all places. It was really an article about shaving with a straight razor, but I really wasn’t interested in that. They really went in depth about how to treat your face prior to shaving with good shaving soap, heat and time. No fancy preshave oils or creams or anything like that. Just a good washing, soap, heat, and time. I did try out all the tips and tricks for wet shaving with soap and found that using those tricks with a twin blade cartridge or disposable didn’t help much. I even investigated getting a proper shave from a barber on the day of my wedding. No good. Finding a barber that will actually shave you are few and far in-between now-a-days as new laws and fears concerning blood-borne illnesses have all but eliminated it. So, I am going to give it the old college effort with a few different safety razors and a bunch of different blades and see how things progress. As I googled my questions, I found more and more that I was being directed to these forums. So, I thought I may as well sign up.​
My gear list is below. Most of this is incomplete and will most likely change as I have time to update it.​
I'm going to include the complete list of everything I've tried, whether or not I still have said item. Items that I either have sold, given away, or used up will be colored Red and struck through.​

Call Me Steve or Hutch

Safety Razors

Dual Edge

Merkur Futur Adjustable Selling
Merkur 23c Barberpole Selling
Karve (D plate)​
Gillette "Fat Boy" Adjustable (E2)​
Gillette Slim Adjustable (L3) Selling
Gillette Slim Adjustable (J4)
Gillette Blue Tip (D1) Selling
Gillette Black Handle (V4) Selling
Gillette Flare Tip (L4) Selling
Gillette Red Tip (D2) Selling
Rockwell 6S​

Single Edge


Schick Eversharp (i1)​

Artist Club

Mongoose head w/Maggard M15 Handle​

Razor Blades

Dual Edge

Astra Superior Platinum​
Astra Superior Stainless​
Dorco Stainless​
Dorco Platinum ST300​
Gillette 7 O'clock Super Stainless (green)​
Gillette 7 O'clock Super Platinum​
Gillette 7 O'clock EJTEK Super Platinum​
Gillette Nacet​
Gillette Silver Blue​
Gillette Platinum​
Gillette Platinum Plus (Brazil)​
Gillette Goal Super Platinum​
Polsilver Extra Stainless​
Personna Platinum Super Stainless (red)​
Rapira Super Stainless​
Rapira Swedish Supersteel​
Derby Extra​
Ming Shi Super White​
Lord Super Stainless​
Laser Stainless​
MEM Super Silver Platinum​
Voskhod Teflon Coated
Honglong Daopian
Shark Super Stainless
Ladas Super Stainless
Crystal Super Platinum
Treet Dura Sharp
Feather Hi-Stainless
Parker Premium Platinum
Rapira Platinum Lux
Dorco Platinum ST301
Wilkinson Sword
Personna Platinum Super Stainless (blue)
Personna Medical Prep
KAI Stainless Steel
Polsilver Super Iridium

Single Edge


Schick (Chick)​

Artist Club

Feather Professional​
Feather Pro Guard​



Art of Shaving - Badger Selling
Burma-Shave - Boar​


Maggard Razors 30mm Black Handle Black and White​
Razorock Plissoft 24mm Italian Flag​
Razorock Plissoft 24mm Rubberset 400 (metal)​
Omega S10065 24mm Blue S-Brush​
Rudy Vey AS3M style with 26mm APShave Tuxedo knot​

Shaving Creams

Proraso White (tube)​
Proraso Red (tube)
Proraso Single Blade - Cypress & Vetiver​
Proraso Single Blade - Azur Lime​
Palmolive Classic​

Shaving Soaps

Proraso White​
Proraso Green​
Stirling Glacial Lemon Chill​
Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic​
Stirling Glacial Eskimo Tuxedo Selling
Stirling Frozen Tundra​
Stirling Gin and Tonic on the Rocks​
Barrister and Mann Fern​
Barrister and Mann Hallows​
Dr. Jon's Krampus​
Soap Smooth Brain Freeze​
Pre de Provence #63​
Captain's Choice Lime​
LA Shaving Bespoke #1​
Goat Boy Shave Soap
Williams Puck​
Arko Stick​
Palmolive Stick​

Pre/Post Shave


Maggard Eucalyptus Oil​
Proraso White​

Post Shave

Alcohol Splashes

Proraso Green​
Stirling Glacial Lemon Chill​
Stirling Margaritas in the Arctic​
Stirling Frozen Tundra​
Stirling Gin and Tonic on the Rocks​
Barrister and Mann Fern​
Barrister and Mann Hallows​
Stirling Executive Gentleman Selling
Dr. Jon's Krampus​
Local Gent No Mercy​
Soap Smooth Brain Freeze​
Clubman Pinaud​

Alcohol Free Balms

Proraso Single Blade - Cypress & Vetiver​
Proraso Single Blade - Azur Lime​
Pre de Provence #63​
Proraso White

Wish Lists

Hardware Wish list

Since I'm currently in the 2020 sabbatical, I cannot technically purchase my own stuff except for where rules apply (B&B branded items, The St. Sue Charity Auction, etc...).​
That being said, here are a few things that I want for the future (but not necessarily this year).​
  • Schick Eversharp Schick i2 Hydro Magic
  • I'd also like to try to see if my Mongoose is a preferred shaver to something like a Razorock Blackhawk SE. I've heard really good things about them.
  • Or an Above the Tie - Calypso SE
  • Or a Blackland Vector
  • Or I think I'd like to try something rather small like a Razorock Keyhole brush.
  • YoB razor = 1969 so maybe a Schick (L1) with box, or a Gillette Knack or a 3 piece tech (O4) or Black Handle SS (O4). But I think I'd like the Knack and the Schick L1 the most somehow.
Maybe someone will read this and offer a trade...​

Software Wish List

  • Cella (original)
  • Tabac (original)
  • Catie’s Bubbles - Le Piment de la Vie Shave Soap (unfortunately there is no matching AS to go with) I'm very please to find out that there now is a matching AS !

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