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Notice the Lady Gillette isn't mentioned. I assume the date codes on them are the same....
Date codes are the same for all US Gillettes. I would like to list every model, but I think the table would break - especially on small screens. I'll take a look at adding the Lady anyway, though.

EDIT: added, and we'll see if anyone finds the layout too cramped now. The start date is also in some question: I used 1963 per [url=http://books.google.com/books?id=lza3Tvitp50C&pg=PA153&lpg=PA153&dq=lady+gillette+introduced&source=bl&ots=HoqqMrjy95&sig=AcqRh2z7mcNb39ELr8ayrl6b7Xo&hl=en&ei=ImzeS6T9J5G29gSl2tSvBw&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=10&ved=0CEAQ6AEwCQ#v=onepage&q=lady%20gillette%20introduced&f=false]Made in the twentieth century: a guide to contemporary collectibles By Larry R. Paul[/url], but [thread]244680[/thread] says 1961.
Can someone help.......I have a Gillette shaving kit that has a tiny gold razor in a leather case with two blades that look original. It was my great uncle who was Exec.VP of Seagrams in NYC. The code on the blades are U 4 . So am I correct in believing that the set was made in the last quarter of 1949?? Any help would be truly appreciated. The condition is excellent. The razor has never been used. He got it as a gift, and he gave it to me in the winter of 1981. If any one could speculate as to its worth. Thank you all.Regards!!safaripete

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