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The Great Blade Exchange v2

How It Works

  • Thoroughly read the points below then click here to post your exchange.
  • Browse through the stock list and select the blades you want to try - you will receive 2 of each blade in your selection.
  • You must be able to send in as many different brands of blades as you are taking out.
  • Post your selection here including the blades you are sending in - you must send at least 2 of each blade.
  • Please supply a self-addressed stamped envelope to be used for return blades along with your B&B member name.
  • Postage will be paid by you both ways. International exchanges are welcome - postage will be worked out via PM.

A Bit More Fine Print

  • Donations are always welcome and very appreciated. This is how the blade exchange got started and how it continues to grow.
  • Do not request to make a blade sampler - ie. I'll send you 5 Derby and 5 Astra for 2 Shark, 2 Feather, 2 Lord, 2 Bic, and so on. You must send in as many different brands as you are taking out.
  • Do not request multiple exchanges sending in the same blades repeatedly and taking out different blades. This is the same as building a blade sampler and is discouraged.
  • Do not post any variation of "just send me anything". You will kindly be asked to choose for yourself.
  • Donated blades must be new, unopened, in their original factory-sealed wrappers.

Shipping Razor Blades

In most cases, a standard envelope is fine and can be sent with 1 postage stamp. Most folks will simply toss their blades in the envelope and send it on its way. Others will wrap their blades in a sheet of paper, or put inside a smaller envelope or even the return envelope. There is no "right way" to send blades, just keep in mind that the envelope will be handled by many people and machines.

All of the following blades are available. If there are 5 or less of a particular blade remaining, "Donations Needed" is listed to the side; please feel free to help the cause & donate.
Send a PM to @dmshaver for information about donating blades.

Double Edge Razor Blades

7 a.m. Plus Hi Platinum
Asco Platinum - Donations Needed
Asco Super Stainless
Astor Red
Astor Silver Stainless - Donations Needed
Astra Superior Platinum
Astra Superior Stainless
Baili Super Blue
Baili Platinum
Battle Brothers
Bic Chrome Platinum
Big Ben Super Stainless
Crown Platinum
Crown Stainless
Derby Extra
Derby Premium
Dorco Prime Platinum
Dorco Platinum ST300
Dorco Stainless ST301
Dorco Titan - Donations Needed
Durex - Vintage
Eddison Stainless
Eversharp - Donations Needed
Filo America Platinum - Donations Needed
Flying Eagle - Donations Needed
Gabriella ST302 - Donations Needed
Gillette Bleue Silver - 1 remaining - Donations Needed
Gillette Bleue Extra - Donations Needed
Gillette Blue Super - Donations Needed
Gillette Goal Stainless - Donations Needed
Gillette King C. Gillette - Donations Needed
Gillette Nacet Platinum - 0 remaining - Donations Needed
Gillette Nacet
Gillette Platinum
Gillette Platinum Plus - 0 remaining - Donations Needed
Gillette Rubie - 0 remaining - Donations Needed
Gillette Silver Blue
Gillette Super Thin Platinum - Donations Needed
Gillette Thin - 1 remaining - Donations Needed
Gillette 365 - 1 remaining - Donations Needed
Gillette 7 O'Clock Black Super Platinum
Gillette 7 O'Clock Green Permasharp Stainless - Donations Needed
Gillette 7 O'Clock Green Super Stainless
Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow Sharp Edge
Ladas Stainless
Laser Super Platinum - Donations Needed
Laser Ultra
Lion Hi Stainless - Donations Needed
Loi Titanium
Lord Platinum
Lord Super Chrome
Lord Super Stainless
MEM Platinum - 1 remaining - Donations Needed
Merkur Super
Merkur Super Platinum
Merkur Timor
Muhle Stainless - 1 remaining - Donations Needed
PAL Hollow Ground - Vintage
Personna Platinum Chrome
Personna Super Comfort Coated
Personna Super Stainless Steel
Personna X-Series - Donations Needed
Polsilver Stainless
Polsilver Super Iridium
QBall Platinum - 1 remaining - Donations Needed
Q Shave Titanium
Racer Platinum
Racer Stainless
Rainbow Super Stainless
Rapira Platinum
Rapira Stainless
Rise Platinum
Rise Stainless
Royal Red - Donations Needed
Royal Stainless Super
Shark Platinum
Shark Super Chrome
Shark Super Stainless
Sharp 7 a.m. Plus Super Platinum - Donations Needed
Sharp Hi Chromium
Sharp Hi Platinum
Sharp Stainless
Sharp Star Platinum
Sputnik - Donations Needed
Silver Star
Super Master Stainless - Donations Needed
Super + Platinum - Made in Israel
Super + Platinum - Made in England
Super-Max Blue Diamond Platinum - 0 remaining - Donations Needed
Super-Max Diamond Edge Platinum
Super-Max Platinum
Super-Max Platinum Plus
Super-Max Stainless Plus - Donations Needed
Super-Max Super Stainless
Super-Max Blue Diamond Titanium - Donations Needed
Super-Max Titanium
Tatra Platinum
Tiantian - Donations Needed
Tiger Platinum
Topaz Platinum
Topaz Stainless
Treet Classic
Treet Double Edge
Treet Durasharp
Treet Falcon
Treet New Edge
Treet New Steel
Treet Platinum
Treet Silver
Trig Stainless
Triton R3 Stainless - 1 remaining - Donations Needed
Van Der Hagen
Vertice Euromax
Vijay Stainless
Viking's Sword Stainless - 1 remaining - Donations Needed
Weishi - Donations Needed
Wilkinson Sword
Wilkinson Sword - Made in England - Donations Needed
Gillette Wilkinson Sword - Made in China
Gillette Wilkinson Sword - Made in India
Willy's Premium
Wizamet Super Iridium
Ying Jili
Ying Jili Platinum
Ying Jili Standard
Zaza Stainless
Zircon Platinum - Donations Needed
Zomchi Platinum
Zorrik Platinum
Zorrik Stainless
Zorrik Talvar - Donations Needed

Single Edge Razor Blades

GEM Stainless Steel PTFE Coated
Merkur Corn Cutter
Pal Super - Donations Needed
Feather Valet Auto Stop Blades - Donations Needed
Tweerzerman Corn Cutter - only 1 available - Donations Needed

Shavette Blades (1/2 DE Blade)

Bluebird Professional - Donations Needed
Captain Extra Quality - Donations Needed
Crown Super Stainless - Donations Needed
Derby Extra
Derby Premium - Donations Needed
Derby USTA - Donations Needed
Doall - Donations Needed
Lord Platinum - Donations Needed
Lord Super Stainless
Parker Premium Platinum - Donations Needed
Perma Sharp - Donations Needed
Royal Red
Sharp Stainless - Donations Needed
Sharp 7 a.m. Platinum - Donations Needed
SuperMax Super Stainless - Donations Needed


Donations needed for all sextoblades
Diamond Edge Stainless Shaper
Looks Hair Shaper
Personna Hair Shaper

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