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Shave Stick Containers


This page is intended to list the solutions to host modern shave sticks into containers[1]. This is not intended to be a lathering tutorial. If you need further help on how to lather a shave soap, please consult the Interactive Guide to Lathering.

Make sure that you measure the diameter of the shave stick vs the container as the solutions below will not all provide a perfect fit for every shave stick available on the market.

The Containers

This list regroups some of the most popular methods used by the B&B community. Some of those solutions require some material and some don't.

Using the wrapper

Using a sharp knife, cut the wrapper around the shave stick. The remaining wrapper will protect the shave stick from getting wet and melting too quickly.[2]

Twist-up container

Some vendors on B&B sell this container. Others can find it on eBay sometimes. The twist-up container is larger than the average shave stick. It is sometimes required to reshape the shave stick to make it fit properly. Some would not mind using the shave stick in the container as is. [3]

Pill Box

This can be an easy solution as some pharmacies would give you a few pill boxes for free. Some might sell them but chances are that you already have a spare pill box or someone you know might have one. [4]

Vintage Shave Stick Container

Those can be found easily on eBay or in a vintage travel kit. They were regulars back in the days as they were providing a container for the shave stick. [5]

Glue Stick Container

If you can find the jumbo glue stick container, you will probably be able to reuse it to host your shave sticks. You got to be careful as most of them are a tiny bit too small. [6]

Deodorant container

With this method, you will most likely need to reshape your shaving stick. [7]

Reusing a modern shave stick container

There are a few shave stick manufacturers that make a container for their shaving sticks today. Unfortunately, it's not like it used to be where someone could purchase a shave stick container for their favourite shave stick and then just get refill. Today, you either get a plastic container or the shave stick is simply wrapped in paper. Again, those might not be a perfect fit for you shave stick that doesn't have a container. However, it could accommodate you... Some of the manufacturers are the La Toja Shave Stick and the Lea Shave Stick.

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