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Safety razor handles

Side by side comparison pics

Space for pics

The List

Handle photos, click nameHandle length, mmHandle weight, gHandle diameter, mmWhole length, mmWhole weight, g
http://www.badgerandblade.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=55475&c=121Gillette Aristocrat UK #22[/URL]75-11,38173
Merkur 34G (HD)76-11,78381
Merkur 37C76-11,78177
Gillette fatboy -597711,58781
Merkur progress 50077-12,58992
Weber bulldog 2797013,29090
Muhle R41883712,59460
ATT kronos897312,796115
Parker 48R91701510098
Feather AS-D2916211,39992
Merkur progress 51094-12,5105101
Merkur 39C95-11,7101114
Shaving.ie SS handle977312,5
Merkur futur97-14109122
Parker 26C985811,510593
Parker 91R99521210681
Merkur 23C/25C99349,710663
Muhle R89 grande100511410683
Parker 98R1029113109120
Parker 99R102-13109110
Parker 45R1047615113103
Merkur vision106-12/20,5123125

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