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Rochus Heinisch Manufacturer

This page is intended to list a straight razor manufacturer with all his information.

Company Info

Manufacturer:Rochus Heinisch
Other Names: R. Heinisch, Newark, N.J., R. Heinisch, Newark, New Jersey U.S.A., R. Heinisch & Sons (after 1877)[1]
Dates in Production: 1825-1925 [2]
Location: Newark, N.J. USA
Steel: Carbon
Type: Straight Razors, Shears [3] [4], Knives [5], Surgical instrument maker

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Notes of Interest:
  • From the Brooklyn Sale & John J. Ford, Jr. Collection, XVII - 3/20/2007, American Institute Silver Medal to R. Heinisch, 1835. [7]
  • In 1914, the company was purchased by J. Wiss & Sons Co.[8] [9]


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