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This page is intended to list all the current projects happening on Badger and Blade. Those projects can be followed via this page. If you have any information that can help the Wiki team, please, do not hesitate to jump in and edit the pages. If you need help, contact a ShaveWiki Caretaker.

The Projects


The Compendiums will regroup a list of Products or Equipment under the same page. The information will then be shown per product as detailed below.
Shaving Brushes
The Shaving Brush compendium intend to list all shaving brushes by company.
The Aftershave compendium intend to list all Aftershaves by country.
The Fragrance compendium intend to list all fragrances by country.
Shaving Creams
The Shaving Cream compendium intend to list all Shaving creams by country.
Shaving Soaps
The Shaving soap compendium intend to list all Shaving soaps by country.
Pre-Shave Products
The Pre-shave product compendium intend to list all pre-shave products by country.
Witch Hazel
The Witch hazel compendium intend to list all Witch Hazel by country.

Wetshaving Supplies page

The Wetshaving supplies pages will list the good addresses for a country/region/city of shops selling shaving supplies.

Straight Razors Manufacturers

The Straight Razor manufacturer compendium intend to list all straight razors makers with their information

B&B Cookbook

The B&B recipe cookbook intend to list to recipes shared by the members on B&B.

The Interactive Guide of Straight Razor Shaving

The Interactive guide to straight razor shaving intends to help any straight razor (new or veteran) to learn and perfect the skill of straight razor shaving.

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