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The B&B Marketplace is to be used by members in good standing who meet the minimum requirements of 45 days of membership and 50 quality posts in the core forums of B&B. Qualifying members will be able to post For Sale and WTT/WTB listings. Members who do not meet the requirements to post will still be able to make purchases.

All sales, purchases and trades between members shall be made exclusively in the Marketplace. Solicitation of sales, purchases or trades outside of the Marketplace are not permitted.

Sales and negotiations are strictly between the buyers and sellers. B&B shall not be held responsible for any disputes or disagreements between the parties. Cases of scamming or fraud should to be brought to the attention of Paypal and/or your credit card company. After you have made the appropriate claim to Paypal and or your credit card company, please advise the the B&B Team. Sales and purchases are made at the voluntary personal risk of the individual parties involved. By using the Marketplace you're agreeing to our "Caveat Emptor" (let the buyer beware) policy.

Alcohol, firearms, and products of questionable taste or dubious legality may not be sold nor traded on the B&B Marketplace. Sales and trades are limited to in hand goods or services. Sales of gift cards, store credits or reward points are not permitted. If in doubt, PM a moderator.

Tobacco trades and PIF's may only occur in the Brown Leaf Forum's Stock Exchange between Tagged members of that sub-forum. No sales of Tobacco are permitted on the B&B Marketplace.

Paypal is the only acceptable payment method. Sellers shall not request the 'Personal Payments' option. This option does not allow the buyer any recourse in case of a dispute and does not protect the seller either in cases of claims for non-delivery. Should a seller ask you to use the Gift/Personal Payment option, please report it to a moderator immediately.

All transactions shall be conducted in accordance with these guidelines, the terms and conditions of and B&B’s Terms of Use.

To prevent abusive advertisement, no member shall direct other members, either through direct hotlink or indirectly through comments or other means, to any Marketplace listing. No links or mentions of Marketplace listings are to be included in members signatures nor posted in any other B&B forum.

As always, gentlemanly comportment is required. Sellers and buyers completing transactions that are contrary to the above mentioned guidelines and/or are behaving poorly will potentially lose their access to the B&B Marketplace. The Marketplace is a privilege, not a right. The B&B team maintains the right to remove this privilege at any time.

Placing Your Ad

Please be sure to post your ad with the proper category tag. Using these tags will make it easier for buyers to find what you’re selling.

Original photos are encouraged, preferably with your username in the photo. No blurry and/or out of focus (like other auction websites) pictures should be used. Item(s) condition, amount of product left, and shipping and pricing details are to be included in every ad. Please be as descriptive as you can.

Sellers may not include links in their listing(s).

There is no limit to the frequency or number of ads a member may place. The Marketplace does not support multiple items per listing, so each item must be sold individually, or as a lot. Fees are assessed per listing and per sale, so keep that in mind before posting.


Non contributors: $4 per listing and a 6.9% sales charge
Bronze: $3 per listing and a 4% sales charge
Silver: $2 per listing and a 2% sales charge
Gold: $1 per listing and a 1% sales charge
Vendors: $0 per listing, 2% sales charge (no limits on product listing frequency)

Leaving Feedback

Feedback is not required, but encouraged. All feedback shall be moderated by Panjo's customer service team. Badger and Blade will have no authority to alter or ability to influence Panjo's feedback scores.

Vendor Guidelines

Vendors are allowed to use the Marketplace to sell personal and commercial items. They shall be held to the same standards as regular members, as stated above.

"Deals BST"

Items must be listed with a selling price at least 40% below MSRP.

Where the MSRP is not known for an item (out of production), selling price may not exceed $50.

Members are expected to moderate one another and keep one another honest, but in a gentlemanly fashion.

Since this is a free benefit for members, anyone acting in a manner unbecoming of a gentleman, will lose their access to the deals forum, without negotiation, appeal, or second chances. This would include predatory buying and re-selling of items from the Deals BST.

Should the forum require frequent intervention by the mod team, at our sole discretion, we will remove the forum entirely and all sales will need to be conducted through the marketplace.

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