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Hans-Jürgen Müller KG manufactures products under the Mühle and Mühle-Pinsel brands. Mühle is the German word for (wind)mill, and "Pinsel" means brush. Muehle is the correct spelling when an u-umlaut (ü) is not available. "Muhle" is incorrect, but widely used.

Established 1945. The company, based in the Saxon Erz Mountains, is owner-managed in the third generation and employs 25 people. Its business activities embrace the manufacture and distribution of products ranging from shaving brushes to complete wet shaving sets. As from spring 2008 the company location Hundshübel will be home to a small, exclusive factory in which visitors can look over the shoulders of skilled craftsmen and women as they bind fine badger hair brushes.

According to a 2005 press release, Hans-Jürgen Müller KG produces around 100,000 razor sets, 80,000 soaps, and 1.5 million shaving brushes annually. 70% of production is for the German market, with the rest sold internationally.

MÜHLE products can be purchased from leading department stores worldwide and in online stores, also direct from the manufacturer.

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