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Is Alcohol in the Aftershave good for you

Alcohol in the aftershave?

There's a long list of aftershaves that contain alcohol. Those aftershave occupy a vast part of the market. Depending on what you think is good for you and your skin type mainly, you might end-up using those aftershaves with alcohol. Many ask those questions :

  • Should I try an Aftershave that contains alcohol? Why? [1] [2]
  • Why would I need aftershave with alcohol, a balm is perfectly acceptable? [3] [4]
  • Is this bad for my skin? [5] [6]
  • Will it dry my skin? [7]
  • Does it burn?
  • How to differentiate an aftershave to a balm?
This article will try to cover these questions.

Why should you try an alcohol based splash?

Generally speaking, those products have the same goal than witch hazel or any aftershave balm : to keep the skin calm and healthy. Do you have to try an alcohol based splash? Not at all.

Those products were originally designed for one purpose only, to disinfect the skin after a shave. The aftershave will disinfect and tone the skin and you will be ready for your day. Over the years, balms were introduced with a perception that a sensitive skin would react better to those and aftershaves with alcohol were bad for you now. Your skin might react better to balms and that's all right. If you are afraid of what that aftershave splash might do follow up with an aftershave balm.

Alcohol based aftershave versus your skin

You will often see this over the forum where alcohol based aftershaves can cause wrinkles[8], dry your skin, it's not good for you, etc. A good part of the market has aftershaves with alcohol in them. Like any products, there are good and bad products. Some of them will be great for your skin and the same product could be bad for your neighbour's skin. It depends on the skin type. Usually, normal and oily skin work great with an aftershave splash. That said, it doesn't mean your skin (sensitive and/or dry) will react badly to it. It also doesn't mean that all aftershave splash will be great on your skin. You got to try them, read the ingredients, ask around if someone else with the same skin type tried it.

It is not proven that alcohol based aftershave are causing wrinkles. It can cause dryness to your skin depending on the product. If those products were really bad for your skin, we wouldn't see companies like Aqua Velva, Mennen, Pinaud, D.R. Harris, Brut or Floid selling such a large range of alcohol based aftershaves.

Does it burn?

It happens yes. You have more chances of having a burning sensation with an aftershave splash than an aftershave balm. Those burns are usually related to either a nick or a cut. It could be a reaction from your skin saying it doesn't like that alcohol in the aftershave. If you have a nick or cut, the burning sensation should not last more than 10 seconds. Products with a larger quantity of alcohol will burn more generally.

Difference between a splash and a balm?

You probably already read the previous article about Balm vs. Splash vs. Witch Hazel. Any aftershave cannot be identified if it has alcohol in it simply by looking at it. General rule of thumb is a transparent aftershave has alcohol. However, that's not true in all cases[9]. Have a look at the ingredient list. If it has anything like : Alcohol, Denatured alcohol, SD Alcohol 40-B, Isopropyl alcohol, Cetearyl alcohol. Then, there's alcohol. If the product has Witch Hazel, chances are, it contains alcohol. A company like Thayer's produce Witch Hazel without alcohol. Some would argue that those Witch Hazel shouldn't be labeled witch hazel [10]. That's a different matter.

What should I do?

There's no mystery to the next step. If you never tried an aftershave splash and you feel that you are missing out on it, then, you should try one. If you think this is not for you, that's fine, no need to change what you are doing.

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