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Inside jokes

Inside jokes

B&B is primarily a site about wetshaving for wetshaving enthusiasts. However, it has become a hangout for numerous members. Anytime a group of guys hang out together for any length of time, inside jokes are inevitable. This page is dedicated to letting members in on the fun. The point of this article isn't to give the full history of these jokes because we don't have the resources available to fully document them. Instead, links are provided that will enlighten the interested without being too tedious.

Art is king Yes he is

Bacon Bacon tastes good, pork chops taste good

Cheddar curtain Something cheesy is going on

Czar of Cheddar Bloodless coup

Stan the Man How to Win Friends and Influence Mods

The Ballad of Springs1 or How to Be a Good Server Waiter/waitress Advice

Tomorrow Never Comes No It Doesn't

Turtle forever Mods always win

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