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  1. I moved [URL=""]the reference to advertising including London and Berlin in the list of factories[/URL] from July to December. The volume of [I]The American Review of Reviews[/I] that was cited covered the issues from July to December of 1908, and it appears that they separated the advertising sections from all of those issues into a single block at the end of the full volume. The ad in question, however, is the same Christmas ad that was run elsewhere in December and I included an additional citation to the December 5, 1908 issue of The Saturday Evening Post.
  2. So it is, thanks. I was so busy trying to correlate the ads back to publication dates that I missed the Christmas focus. It is also a script-logo case, 6-7 months after the diamond logo trademark was registered.
  3. This is a epic reference guide, great work from 2 of the best B&B members that i respect and appreciate. Thank you.