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Gillette Lady Gillette

Lady Gillette Safety Razor

Lady Gillette
Dates in Production:1961-75
Type:DE, TTO
Weight:55-g (1.94-oz)
Height:110-mm (4.375-in)

Description:The Lady Gillette was a twist-to-open double-edge safety razor introduced by Gillette in 1963[1]. It was specifically designed and marketed for women. It had a longer handle than other Gillette razors at the time. It came in four colors which were light gold, champagne pink, baby blue and dark blue. These razors also had inlaid stars on the handles, just under the razor head.

  • Longer handle Super Speed design. High polish nickel plated head and bulb knob. The handle is textured for grip on the lower two thirds, while the upper third has a dull nickel polish with star burst design. Both the handle and stars are of the same color.
  • The razor was available in a Champagne (yellow), Pink (red), Blue and Light Blue (lavender) color. The blue was most common.
  • Slight color variants of the handles exist due to manufacturing or aging, and the color of the starburst best indicates the actual model color intended.
  • Variations include larger starbursts, a diamond emboss under the head vs a bulkier less pointed version, aluminum or nickel doors, and end cap differences.
Notes of Interest:
  • There may be some controversy about the production dates. Some B&B members believe there were examples from 1976, but none have been documented. 1961 examples have appeared on the B/S/T forum.[2]
  • This was the only TTO model Gillette specifically designed for Ladies. Prior to this, many preferred using the Super Speed Blue Tip for a mild shave.
  • While marketed to women, men with bigger hands value these razors for their long handles.

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