Gillette Aristocrat 1940s

Gillette Aristocrat Safety Razor, 1940s

1940s Aristocrat
Dates in Production:1941, 1946-1949
Type:DE, TTO

  • Gold plated, smooth below the neck and above the TTO mechanism.
Notes of Interest:
  • There are three different boxes for this razor; a blue leather with white lining/blue lettering on the lid; brown leather with white lining/maroon lettering on the lid; and brown leather with maroon lining/gold lettering on the lid. The exact order of their release is being researched but has yet to be determined. Additionally, there are 2 variations of the 1940's Aristocrat; the 1941 version is unnotched and does not have end caps; and the unnotched post-war 1946-1947 variety that does have end caps. These can be seen in the last photo comparing the former to the latter.

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