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Feather Safety Razor Co. Ltd., of Osaka, Japan, has produced and developed shaving razors, blades, and surgical instruments since its inception in 1932. Their main razor blade manufacturing facility is located in the "City of Cutlery," Seki City, in Gifu prefecture. Their product line includes DE blades, proprietary SE blades, DE razors, replaceable-blade "straight"-type razors, preshaves, shave gel, aftershave, medical instruments, and industrial blades.

Feather produces DE blades usually considered the sharpest available. Feather has produced two types of DE blades -- that is, in the past, they produced a slightly different kind than the current production, but the differences are not differentiable by the packaging -- the "new" model blade can be purchased in the "old" yellow and black packaging.

The book History and Culture of Shaving in Japan by Yasuoki Takeeuchi includes some historical information. Quoting from http://www.kamisoriclub.co.jp/history-e.htm


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