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  1. Can you measure the techs and super speeds with the feeler gauges?
  2. I read on the superspeed thread the 40s had a blade gap of 62mm. I'd say its less than 64mm
  3. my feather popular clocks in right at 34 grams.
  4. I wondered why all the Above The Tie razors were at the bottom of the gap table and have an order of magnitude smaller gaps when they were supposed to have a range of aggressiveness.

    After some staring and research I've concluded that the gaps listed are not in mm but in inches.

    The Titan M-1 with a listed gap of 0.010 mm should instead have a gap of 10 thousandths of an inch.

    The Titan R-1 with a listed gap of 0.023 mm should instead have a gap of 23 thousandths of an inch.

    The Titan H-1 with a listed gap of 0.036 mm should instead have a gap of 36 thousandths of an inch.

    This would distribute these razors throughout the table and generally make more sense.

  5. Ha! I just saw these comments and i concur, jagbassmesiter is correct regarding the ATT razors. As per my comments here ive just checked my Titan R1 and the table has the wrong unit of measurement assigned.

    [URL=""]Alpinebully's Shave Diary[/URL]

    The Titan R1 should be 0.023" or 0.58mm.

  6. And FWIW, the Titan weight is also incorrect. According to the ATT website specifications on the ATT Titan, the total weight is 109grams. Travis.
  7. After reviewing this discussion, and linked threads, along with referencing an interview with Stan on Sharpologist (March 2013) as additional confirmation ... I have corrected the ATT listings/rankings within the chart. Thanks to jagbassmeister and Alpinebully for spotting this and posting to this discussion thread!
  8. I've added measurement for the Feather AS-D2 from garyg as reported on this post:[URL=""]What is the blade gap on the Feather AS-D2?[/URL]