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This category lists Gillette razors made with the original Old Type head design. Gillette introduced this design in 1903 with the first double-edge safety razors, and received patent US775134 in 1904. Gillette continued to produce variants until 1929. The Old Type razors included two-piece and three-piece variants. This open comb head used a cap with two 'bullet shaped' positioning pins, coupled to a plate with corresponding holes, to hold the blade in place. Many non-Gillette razors copied this simple design. The name 'Old Type' originated in 1921 with the introduction of the 'New Improved' razor. Until then the 'Old Type' was just the 'Gillette razor'. From 1921 to 1929, the 'Old Type' was lowered in price to $1 and was commonly sold under the name 'Brownie', while the 'New Improved' was sold for Gillette's standard razor price of $5 (source: Cutting Edge by Gordon McKibben, Harvard Business Press, copyright 1997).


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