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Image:Aqua Velva Aftershaves.jpgAqua Velva Aftershaves

This category lists products for the Combe Aqua Velva brand.

Aqua Velva is an aftershave produced by Williams, and has been in production since 1929. It has recently expanded into a full line of men's grooming products marketed worldwide by Combe Incorporated. Aqua Velva's products include classic Ice Blue, Ice Sport, Musk, and new Ice Balm aftershave.

The alcohol content of the original Aqua Velva was high enough to actually be used by U.S. sailors during World War II to use it in concocting alcoholic beverages. Aqua Velva contains a bittering agent, denatonium benzoate[1], to discourage such consumption. The flavor was improved either with vanilla extract, orange juice, or punch, but still left a soapy aftertaste in the drinker's mouth. It is an exceedingly bad idea to drink Aqua Velva due to the chemical content, and should only be used for cosmetic usage.

At the U.S. Marine Recruitment Depot on Parris Island, Aqua Velva is often encouraged by Drill Instructors to be used by Marine recruits to curb the smell of body odor on themselves, and in their barracks.
  • Stargate Atlantis' character Col. John Shepherd is known to wear Aqua Velva.

  • Glenn Quagmire, from the television show Family Guy, also wears it, as Stewie notices in the episode Running Mates.

  • Tang, from Poolhall Junkies encourages its use, along with Old Spice, as the key to picking up women.

  • Old commercials for Aqua Velva were known for coining the famous slogan, "There's something about an Aqua Velva man."

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