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Aftershaves for oily skin


This is an article about aftershaves suitable for people with oily skin, it was written by Dinder1[1]. For articles on other skin types, please see the Aftershaves page.

While I don't feel that I have particularly oily skin, I do find that many after shave balms can by mid-day leave my skin feeling like an over-basted turkey. So as of late, my focus has shifted towards the use of aftershave lotions or "splashes", followed by a good moisturizer or balm. I find that the use of an invigorating splash has added a new dimension to my morning ritual, as well as allowed me to customize the level of moisturizer that I may need. In short, I use the splash to neutralize any irritation and to sanitize the skin, then add the level of moisturizer, or aftershave balm I feel my skin needs for that particular day.

My After Shave Routine

  1. Warm water rinse: The first thing I do is a warm water rinse. I make sure that I have removed any soap or residue that may have been left behind from whatever product I used for my shave, and then use a towel to make sure that my face is nice and clean.
  2. Cold water rinse: The next step is a nice cold water rinse to tighten up the pores. This step can also reduce some if any irritation that the razor may have caused. I also leave my skin slightly moist for the next step of my routine.
  3. Apply aftershave lotion: Now I apply the aftershave lotion to my skin and massage it in gently. This has become one of my favorite parts of my daily routine, and can be quite bracing and refreshing. I proceed to clean up my tools while the aftershave does its magic, which also gives it a chance to dry down.
  4. Apply aftershave balm or moisturizer: Now I just need to assess how much added moisture I feel my skin will need for that given day. After I choose the product, I apply and massage it into my skin until it has been completely absorbed.

Aftershave burn? While aftershave lotions should be invigorating, they should not be painful! If you are experiencing excessive burning or pain, this could be a good sign that you need to revisit your shaving or razor technique, or that you could possibly be having a reaction to one or more of the aftershave's ingredients.

Products that I have been using lately

I will keep this list rather short because the other fine chaps here have mentioned many of these products. I will mention that I have been greatly reducing my variety of balms, and greatly expanding my collection of aftershave lotions. Also be aware that what works for me, may not work for you.

After Shave Lotions

  • Aqua Velva Classic Ice Blue: This is a drugstore classic! At about $4.00, it out shines many lotions that cost $20.00-$40.00, and if your coffee isn't waking you up, this will! Review
  • Floid (Spain): This is one of my favorites. With its lovely scent and a healthy dose of menthol, it is just plain hard to beat, but one word of warning: Floid can be hard to find, and shipping can be outrageous. Review
  • Aubrey Organics Men's Stock/City Rhythms: This is a great 100% natural lotion, with key ingredients such as witch hazel and aloe, and scented with only natural essential oils. For me this smells similar to CADE, but has better ingredients, smells better, and costs less than half of what Cade goes for. It's available at many health food stores including Whole Foods.
  • Speick Aftershave Lotion: This fantastic lotion adds alum into the mix, which can greatly aid in the relief of razor burn. Review

After Shave Balms and Moisturizers

  • ê Shave After Shave Soother: This is a great every day balm that is fragrance free, dries completely matte, and won't conflict with any other fragrance you choose to use post-shave.
  • ê Shave After Shave Cream: Another great product from eShave, but with the added moisturizing properties of shea butter.
  • Purpose with SPF 15: This is a great non-shave specific moisturizer with SPF 15, for those days you plan on playing in the sunshine. Review

I hope this gives some of you fellas a few new ideas on how to mix up your morning routine, and most of all, have fun, and don't be afraid to experiment a little.

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