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3 Pieces DE assembly


This page was created from the following thread [1]. This is a common issue for new starters and this will hopefully help anyone trying a 3 pieces DE razor for the first time. This page is part of the Interactive Guide to DE Razor Shaving.

Why incorrect assembly?


When using a new tool, a safety razor can be tricky because it's new. When the base plate is inverted, up-side down, incorrectly placed or assembled, a user can still try and shave with the DE razor. The issue will be that the razor will barely shave or not at all.

Incorrect vs. Correct

Following are a few pictures of the incorrect and correct way to place the base plate while assembling the safety razor.

Front View

Side View

Installation of the Blade

Now that we saw the correct and incorrect ways to install the base plate, here are the correct way to install a DE blade in a 3 pieces razor.

The Steps

Now that the plate is correctly placed with a blade, let's finish the assembly of the DE razor

Make sure that you double check the blade exposure if it's even before using the razor.

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