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Manufacturer: American Safety Razor Company, New York

Dates in Production: c. 1914 to c. 1927

Type: Single edge, little "lather catcher"

Description: Plated metal head with metal handle

Notes of Interest: The Ever-Ready 1914 was a later design that retained a vestigial, but smaller lather catcher or hood. It is called the 1914 due to the patent date of March 24, 1914, US Patent No. 1091436. It also may be referred to as the "little lather catcher". Earlier versions of this model, c. 1914-1915 have "patent pending" imprinted on the bottom of the back of the head, while later versions have the patent date imprinted. It is a two-piece razor with the handle re-moveable from the head. The razor hinges at the rear of the head and closes with a metal leaf spring to hold the blade down. It has "lift here" imprinted on each side of the cap. This razor uses standard single-edge blades. It was replaced by the Ever-Ready 1924.

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