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Hi, You won the Muhle 25mm STF shaving brush PIF.

I won't announce it until you accept and send me your mailing address.

Cat's are one of the most interesting creatures. They have such personalities and tend to adopt people than the other way around.
I'm glad it finally got done. Check your User CP and look under social groups or click the link on my sig line.
Hi and welcome i am a newbie to. Enjoy the forum, they are really friendly and very helpful bunch in this forum.
The straight cam ein today, thanks.

FYI, not *quite* as sharp as a pre-honed Dovo from Vintage Blades, but a few passes on a pasted strop got it there.
Hello..You live in Boston or surronding area???? Would like to possible meet up and have a cigar...
"May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face and may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars."
LFC? what is that? I use this username in all forums that I frequent, so I'm not sure...let me know...
It is funny, you know. I was not a "cat guy" until this one showed up on my fence. He's aggressive and thinks he's in charge but he's my buddy.
- John
Yes it will look new.Send to....

Michael Schmaltz
123 W.Coal
Gallup,N.M. 87301

When its done I'll PM you and you can pay then.

Mike, I do not have a paypal acct though. What payment method do u accept?
Tinzien, Could you help me correct my title in my recent post "FS: Cased New Improved"
I've just learned that it's actually a Cased Old Type. I corrected the copy, but can't change the title myself. Thanks.
I am interested in a 1 brush, 2 double ended razors design in smoked. I would like my name (Don Brown) engraved on it as well. If I am reading everything in your post correctly, the bill will come to $8.00 shipped.
Is $8.00 correct?
You mention a cracked finish in the thread. This is the other color I am considering. Do you have any of that material left?
What are my font options for my engraving?
What is your preferred payment method?

A great shaving monologue. I trust the mole removal is not the start of a ritual scarification program. Did you notice the Bubbles weekly shaving soap lottery?
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