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Zirh Clean - Review and Pics...


Well - lets face it... I am a toiletry lover. The scents, effects, performance - all excite my senses, and I simply love trying different scents and products, which lead me to Zirh...


Basically this liquid face cleanser - is an aloe based train wreck. It has an incredibly fake, cheezy "lemon" scent to it - better suited for a furniture polish or dish soap.... very underwhelming, and something I have never gotten used to. Twist off the cheap plastic top (which feels as if you will break it each time) and you see a cheap circle of styrofoam at the top of the cap - "sealing" the bottle, which begins to deteriorate almost immediatly.Then..... you have an open bottle. This is particularly annoying on cold mornings, as the product is very thick - and you are forced to hold it upside down for a minute or so, until the product begins to excrete out onto your hand. When you think it can't get any worse, you begin to work the product to form a lather - and basically you get NOTHING, save for the product turning white as shown....


That is a massive blob of "clean" cleanser - and couldn't get a darn thing outta it. While I know some cleansers aren't meant to "lather" I found this quite annoying - especially since the product itself doesn't work well at all... in fact - I would rather wash my face with any run of the mill store brand face wash over this stuff... it was hard to wash off, didn't work well, didn't smell good, was a pain to apply, and came in an annoying/difficult to use package.

:thumbdown I strongly suggest NOT purchasing this product.
I totally concur.

I actually liked the smell somewhat, but agree its a terrible cleanser. And yes, waiting for that stuff to ooze out is annoying as all hell. I have no idea why they didnt think of using a pump.

Switched to Baxter a couple months back and haven't looked back at all. Baxter is great.

Can't wait for that product review database to come along! Then I can avoid wasting money like I did when I bought this cleanser not knowing it was crap!
As far as the cheap cap goes.......The first time I used this product I dropped it in the shower and the cap cracked in two. The really bad part was that I was 200 miles of the coast of Texas and did not have another bottle to transfer it to. Yes the performance is less than desirable so you can guess what I did with it.
Almost every review I've read of this stuff is very negative. I've used the product before and I found it to be really good for people with very (notice I use the term very) oily skin. I personally like the lemon scent and the little to no lather. But this is just me. Then again, I switched cleaners about a year and a half to go to California North Gelskin Wash and I've never looked back. I did notice that once I got to the end of the Zirh clean bottle that my skin was becoming irritated as this is some strong stuff. Definitely not for anyone with other than very very oily skin.
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