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Zephyr's straight shave journey


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Nice work Rune! Great that you updated the journal! :thumbup1:
Yesterday one year had passed by since my first straight shave, but since I wasn't hime until late last night I postponed my anniversay shave until today.

When I wrote about my first shave a year ago I had a terrible burn (being too cocky and doing too many passes + touch up), and knew I had a long and steep learning curve ahead of me, but I was determined to hold on.
And man I'm glad I did, I have learned so much the last year thanks to all that have provided help and advice not only about shaving, but also honing and restauration, a special thanks to Jens (honed) who have given me a lot of good advice and help on the way.

A lot of different razors have passed through my hands the last year, but finally I have found my prefrences and have started to narrow down my collection to just a few, to me very good razors, that way I actually get to use them all :001_smile

For my anniversary shave I chose to use:

Semogue 830
C.V. Heljestrand MK32
Mennen Skin Bracer

When I first started I knew that one day in the future I would get consistent nice shaves, and I did reach that point a while ago, but still I feel that my shaving improves a little bit every time, another good reason to keep going :001_smile

Looking forward to many more great straight shaves.

That is a very nice blade Rune. Do not let it go. The 32's take some of the best edges possible.
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