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Zenith Manchurian Brushes - Sizes

Really tempted to buy this one along with a manchurian. I should be able to update us all by the end of February. it will come for sure :)

You will be the only person here who can claim to have a 2.5-band badger brush.

Softer tips but less backbone than a Manchurian. But more backbone but less soft tips than a Silvertip. In the middle.

Let us know what you get. The Giada (Jade) colour handle is my personal favourite. But I like green.

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.

I have both of these Zenith Manchurians.

I've acquired a good many Zenith brushes - these Manchurians, a three band silvertip, a very nice horse, and a bunch of boars both bleached and unbleached. Most if not all of them came from either Your Shaving or The Gentle Shave.

All but one was acquired brand new. The exception is the wooden handled Manchurian above. It was a gift. It had been broken in (at least I assume it had). The copper handled Manchurian was very stiff, extremely stiff, to begin with, and took a long time to break in. Both of these are excellent knots now. Both are soft with a great deal of lovely, delicious scrub.

One thing I learned about Zenith brushes is this: Oftentimes the vendor's specs on the loft height are incorrect. The actual loft tends to be a good bit lower than the listed loft.

I believe the knot size (not loft size) specs published on Your Shave and The Gentle Shave are accurate as far as nominal knot sizes go, but the knot size upon exit from the handle will always be larger.


I've had great service and customer service from both vendors I've used.

Your Shaving tends to be less expensive even with shipping.

Oh, the copper handle will develop a patina (or tarnish). With a rag and some Flitz it is very easy to restore the original shine or any degree of shine to tarnish ratio you prefer.

Happy shaves,


Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
There is the XL Zenith Manchurian... 28mm. I don't have one and I haven't seen one, yet. And "the big one"

31mm. I don't know the handle options yet.

I should rather revise my query to finding out which Zenith models have the biggest (>28mm) knots? Any help in this?


I know only about my own brushes.

27.5 mm knot
Plenty of softness for a two band or Manchurian
Obviously not a three band
Splay is very good making it a big knot on the face

28 mm
Bigger than the 27.5 mm knot I think, but it's hard to ascertain.
Lots of splay in use if so desired
Blooms a little, but tends to hold its shape with a little prompting.

Both are really good brushes. I'm sure I've measured the knots, particularly the loft, and posted about it somewhere, probably in my Damn Comfortable Shave thread.

I've not seen a Zenith badger brush with too high a loft. I wouldn't worry a second about it. Yes, I've gotten a few Zeniths I thought when I ordered them were going to be too tall - an unbleached boar, a horse - but no Zenith badgers I've ordered have had a tall loft regardless of vendor specs.

If you need me to I can measure mine, but that doesn't mean all Zeniths will have CNC made knots.

If you order from TGS and haven't used the new brush I believe you can return it. There would be perhaps shipping to pay? You could measure the exact brush you have in hand.

Have you already ordered that 31 mm Manchurian? I'm tempted myself but waiting for just the right handled 31 mm ZenMan.

Happy shaves,

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