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Zenith Handles

Hey everyone,

I’ve seen a few Zenith brushes on the forums and quite like some of their handles. I’m curious if anyone knows the following

A) what the “term” is for this type and handle (see picture below for the specific shape I’m looking at).


B) If there’s a source for just the handles outside of Zenith?

I’m not really in a buying mood right now (or so I tell myself), but would be interested to know if you could find just the handle and be able to drop in a knot, rather than buying from Zenith and pulling the knot.

They have a 506 and 507 the later is the longer one. But you can not get copper in 507 most materials you can.
They are barber models
Zenith is quality.
Nu there are more making models like that


Abandoned By Gypsies.
I have this boar handle in aluminum. The brush is hand made in Italy. It holds its shape where others bloom. It was $20, and is exquisite. My favorite brush.
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