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Zenith 506COPPER SB Silvertip. Any backbone?

I've been eyeing a Zenith Silvertip with copper handle. Only problem is (except from its price) that I am not sure whether or not it has a good backbone.
I am a two band badger man so I wouldn't want my brush to splay like a mop.
I have had the chance of feeling the knot but I am still not sure about its backbone.
The dimensions are 26mm knot and 50mm loft.
Will their manchurian brushes be a better fit for me?
Photo of the brush in question below.
I have one and it has plenty backbone for face lathering at least for me. I once had a well broken in SOC in 2-band and Zenith silvertip is a little bit softer.
Very soft tips, enough backbone for lathering and dense in fact it's so dense that I have to go to reload.
Excited to see how it turns out when I break it in.
Yeah, it will probably loosen up a bit and improve in terms of flow through. It is a big knot so it makes sense that it needs more soap.

There are not many reviews of the Zenith silvertip badger brushes. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)
I originally opened this thread to get some reviews/information about the brush. But except WoS_'s message there is little information about Zenith Silvertips online, even when I searched for videos they were either in Italian or reviewing other models with different loft so they were no help. Seems like Manchurian knots are a more popular choice amongst Zenith fans.
I see a trend towards backbone with soft tips and that means two-band badger knots, at least as far as badger brushes are concerned. With the popularity of the Simpsons Manchurians, it does not come as a surprise that people get interested in the cheaper alternative that Zenith offers.
After a couple of lathers the brush is starting to break in. I was quite disappointed when I first bought this brush, I had forgotten that it takes time for a brush to optimally perform (my previous brush purchase was probably a year+ ago).
What an amazing soft pillow of goodness this brush is, thankfully the backbone is enough to have an enjoyable shave without the brush being floppy.
Zenith Silvertip brushes (and other Zenith brushes too) are simply wonderful. I have three. I've sung their praises and written about them explaining to folks that this is one of the best deals available.


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We cannot get them in the UK but we can ship from the US, but shipping and customs is a killer for us so its not worth it in the long run.

But they do look beautiful brushes that's for sure......
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