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yup - i'm new here

if any of you frequent any boards for the band " the black crowes" you will notice this name - yup, i'm the same guy who posts there.

after making serious changes to my skincare routine in the early fall of '05 i jumped on board with a DE, brush & creme in january and will never look back. i am still working on my technique but i'm getting there slowly.

yeah - i hang out at ME too. there is a lack of participation in the shaving forum there so i thought i would jump on here too. something to keep me busy when i'm supposed to be working.

this is what i have going on so far...

merkur futur/merkur blades/merkur stand. this is my first DE!

amenity shave brush - soon to be updated - check out the brush forum, maybe you can add some thoughts.

i have begun with trufitt almond but i'm not diggin' it too much so i'm going to give their comfort creme a shot this week. i also want to pick up some avocado creme shortly. i would like to pick up an old gillette DE and have been going over the forums here for some guidance.

along with the crowes, this is my new hobby. my new bathroom is going to be designed around all my shaving stuff including the merkur futur finish, afzelia wood tones & mexican abalone. i let my wife finish the majority of the house knowing what i had planned for the bath. she's now not into the plans ut i remind her of what she did to this point.

i'll post some pics of the new custom brush and bath when completed.


Welcome to B&B...By the way, the Black Crowes rock..Saw them with Jimmy Page and they were stellar. :thumbup1: Stick around and enjoy.
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