YSL's La Nuit de L'Homme

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by desmoface, Dec 6, 2011.

    YSL, I really like some of their fragrances, others don't work for me (M7) - Just received this one, very classy stuff. Any other fans?

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  1. Lots of them, including me. And the prices don't fall much on the eBay sales, meaning there's widespread like for this one.
  2. Hiya Mr. Styptic. I also love Rive Gauche, except it has horrible longevity on me. 2 hours and it's all but gone. The jury is still out on La Nuit de L'Homme, I'm interested to see if it's still around by the end of the day. The scent is top notch.

  3. I sampled this one at Dillards the other day and I'm going to go back and buy it. If I remember correctly, it's very woodsy with a hint of spice.

    Meant to ask about your screen name...desmo, as in desmodromic, as in Ducati?
  4. Well, I'm not good with scent descriptions, but that sounds about right. Very classy stuff. I was fortunate enough to find a lightly used bottle on basenotes.

  5. My cousin wears this one. It's quite popular. Seems every time I walk into a place selling perfume, someone shoves this in my face.

    I can't say I have given it it's due, but at initial impression it smells like a pretty typical designer scent, although it's a little heavier/spicier than an aquatic scent.
  6. Yes, Ducati. Most people see my screen name and just think I'm insane, LOL.


  7. I own an '09 Multistrada...it's the love of my life!
  8. Ahh..nice. I have a 2005 ST3, used to have a 98 916. I was going to ask if you owned an R1, LOL.

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  9. This one gets the girls, but it's no Vera Wang for men.
  10. By coincidence...I just got this frag today. Love the smell but longevity is still unknown. Ill have to report back on that later tonight.
  11. Ok, here's an update on the longevity. It's average at best. I applied one spray to the chest/neck area, and a very very slight sprtiz to one wrist - Then I rubbed both wrists together. When I walked out of the house, it was kickin - I was afraid I may have overdone it. Here, 8 hours later, nothing. So, while it's better than Rive Gauche, it's not up there with my all time longevity champs, Le Male, and Pen's Racquets, which is actually rather good in longevity.

    Still, it is a great scent, and I'm very glad to have it.

  12. I have sampled this one a few times, but haven't bought it. I do enjoy the regular L'Homme quite a bit, though!
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    I really enjoy the scents that last all day and night, but those that last only 5 or 6 hours give you the flexibility to either re-apply in the evening, wear something different when you go out for the evening, or you can wear this one in the evening when you don't need it to last all day and all night.
  14. I agree, if your looking for a frag to wear for a night out, this would do the trick. But if your like me, you go to work, and then school. It's nice to have a fragrance that lasts. Still, a very solid purchase.

  15. I have it and wear it in the winter. To me there is a pronounced vanilla note. Has anyone else noticed that?
  16. Oh i can definitely pickup a vanilla note in the dry-down. Pretty sure its a base note of this frag.
    I really like the opening. Fresh and sweet. Not cloying smells like a crisp apple.
  17. I like this one a lot but prefer the l'homme.

    Al raz.
  18. It's a spiced apple and vanilla fragrance to my nose. Very strong cardamom/pepper/cinnamon on top of a vanillic and slightly fruity accord. Definitely has some of the original L'Homme banging around in there, too; seems like the perfumer kept the original idea but took it in a different direction.

    The only thing I find objectionable is the use of some kind of super-sweet synthetic basenote that has crazy tenacity and smells sort of annoying.
  19. I really love this scent, I tried it at a department store one day and my GF just bought it for my birthday. I find that I can still smell it on my clothes the next morning!

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