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YSL Rive Gauche Clone

Just received my Rive Gauche clone roll on oil from Ebay. I have had great luck with these. I wanna say they're made by Hayward Enterprises, a massive clone oil manufacturer in New Jersey. I've compared several to actual brand fragrances. Not only are they very close, some outperform modern reformulations.

Rive Gauche is one of those fragrances that is very expensive and very discontinued. I don't know if I have seen a more celebrated fragrance anywhere. People LOVE it. I don't understand why it's out of production.

That being said, I am very satisfied with my $7 clone. I would recommend it to any of you guys who like classic barbershop fragrances. Do you guys have any Rive Gauche clones that you like?

I know Douglas Smythe's CaD via Phoenix Artisans is supposed to be a great clone, but I haven't tried it. I don't find it especially affordable. $25 for aftershave and $50 for EDP is a bit pricey. Maybe the scents are nuclear and go pretty far. Does anyone have an opinion about them? I am intrigued by Lo-Haiku, the Hai Karate Clone that just returned to market but I am balking at the price.
The PAA aftershaves are pricey, but they are strong. They usually stay with me all day. I think the closest approximation to Rive Gauche in the wetshaving world is Fine American Blend.

By the way, I could be wrong about this, but I don't think RG was discontinued. I know the "tin can" version has been, but I think it is still make in the glass cube version. I only have the tin can version, so I can't say how the current version compares, but I hear it is very close to the older version.
I think the oakmoss in the original can formula fell foul of EU regulations.

So they reformulated it ....the tin is still tops.

Another reformuated and discontinued gem is Christian Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum.
Glad I got a few bottles back up....a myrrh bomb
Thanks for the tip.. I doubt I'll buy Fine American aftershave any time soon, because for the money I'd rather buy a cologne from my wish list and I have 50 aftershaves as it is. (however, I may just try their shaving soap)

But I really want to try RG.. I love Azzaro PH, which is in the same ballpark from what guys have said in reviews.
I’ll second Fine American Blend AS and EdT. A quarter sized amount of AS, a couple spritzed of the EdT, and I’m enveloped in the scent all day. I was pointed to Fine AB by folks who have the vintage RG frag, as the closest clone. Sometimes it lasts over 24 hours, especially if you let a little get on your clothing.