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YSL Pour Homme (1971)

I was knocking around on the internet the other day and I was a bit stunned to find that this was still in existence. It does not seem to have been "improved". Even Walgreens and Target have it online.

I vaugely remember this (dating myself) and it was good, a bit sharp but not to the extent of Paco Rabanne. According to basenotes (?) I think it was it even has a bit of civet in it. Interesting.

Have any of you tried this recently? It seems like it might work as a longer lasting Summer scent. Did a search here but didn't come up with anything before I gave up.
Blast from the past! I have not tried it in forever but I will pay more attention thanks to your post. I used to love Raco Rabanne too... good ald times

Al raz.
The box and design look exactly the same. If YSL has not changed the formulation in all these years, then I give them a lot of credit. But I see no mention anywhere that the formulation has changed.:thumbup1:
I have been debating picking up a bottle of this. It's supposed to be a nice lemon citrus opening, similar to Monsieur de Givenchy which I have and love, and Chanel Pour Homme, which I like as well. The only thing holding me back is that some folks says it's like Eau Sauvage, which I like the opening of, but hate the drydown, it smells like poop to me. So I have been a little scared of this, would appreciate any input as well.


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I've got some I picked up as a blind buy.
I like it very much. It works well for day or evening.
I'll wear it tomorrow and post again my thoughts.
Excellent stuff. Really super. The citrus last forever, and the civet, if there is any, does not overpower the clean herbal nature of it.