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Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by Johnny Boy, Oct 22, 2012.

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    To me, M7 does have that cherry cough syrup note, but I like it. Other than that, it smells similar to Tom Ford Oud Wood. I prefer M7.
  2. No Randy! The Tom Ford is a better frag, yet it too is riddled with synthetic oud. I don't understand how you guys can tolerate that cherry cough syrup accord... I don't like drinking cherry cough syrup, much less wearing it.
  3. +1. It's very popular on Basenotes, but I couldn't wear it. Tried it once, promptly sold it off...found it cloying. I love RG, though.


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  4. It is definitely winter evening wear. I enjoy it sparingly for certain occassions. I have received many compliments from the ladies when I do wear it though.

    As has been mentioned, it is dense, syrupy sweet in the opening, drying down to a deep musk/smokey cedar/aoud accord. I would say the sweet is more like orange cough syrup than cherry though. It is dense and rich in the vein of Yatagan. It also reminds me a bit of Tom Ford Italian Cypress. However, again, there is a strong syrupy sweet accord in the opening and through the middle drydown. It lasts for friggin ever...can still smell it on me the morning after wearing it....stays in your clothes (not in a bad way, I just have sweaters i haven't worn since last year that still smell faintly of m7 - lol!).

    I don't reach for it much, but when I do, I enjoy it.
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  6. it's pretty weak and lame. i'd try body kourous based on what you have.
  7. Oooh man, i just lucked into a bottle of the original juice and and wearing it all thetime....love it!
  8. Have never smelled it. Always sold out. Now out of production.
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    This is a perfect example of YMMV. It doesn't smell exactly like cherry cough syrup to me, but I understand the association. And I don't care for Body Kouros, or Kouros either, for that matter. But some of the great scents are those that are polarizing.

    Also, M7 is one a stranger in an airport asked what I was wearing and wrote it down so he could look for it for himself.

    I see it from time to time in discount perfume stores.
  10. For me, it is among the top 3 of all time. The old formulation, in all amber bottle was way better than the current release. The reissue M7 Oud is even better, if more synthetic smelling than the predecessor. Too bad it is not available on this side of the pond. I had a chance smelling it last year in Greece, and regretted not buying it.

  11. I've been wanting to try this for some time, and yesterday I got a decant of this polarizing fragrance. After my shower last night, I applied three short sprays, and BAM...cherry cough syrup. I actually laughed out loud, because I thought everyone that said this, was *ahem* crazy..ahaha. While I don't really dig the cherry cough syrup open, it dries down nicely to something very nice. Woody, sweet and what I would say is amber-ish.

    Have to say, I'm all in for it, because I wore it again today and got a couple unsolicited compliments. Which hasn't happened in quite awhile. Even SWMBO said she was "okay" with it, lol.

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