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You've Been Struck By A Smooth Criminal

I am over a month into DE wet shaving. I think I'm picking it up fairly quickly.

My first purchase was a Viking Blades Chieftain Jr. butterfly razor. Once my sample pack came in, I put in an Astra SP blade. My first shave was rough -- weepers and neck irritation. I used that for couple of shaves. I did use a Gillette Silver Blue in that razor and I think I got a decent shave with it. I binned a few blades too early to get any reliable data.

I used this for a couple of weeks before buying an EJ DE89 long handle. I've been getting good shaves with this using a Feather blade. passable shaves with a Voskhod. Overall, I think my technique is improving. My face is smooth, my neck isn't anymore irritated than when I was shaving with carts. So I think I'm getting there. I want to try a GSB in this razor as well.

I have a vintage Gillette Tech on the way. I read many good things about them. This may be the daily driver or the vacation razor. We'll see.

I've been cycling quickly through some things. Mostly because I'm the kind of person that likes to zero in on something and stick with it. Before this shaving adventure, I was using Dorco 2-blade carts. Easy setup of shaving cream and razors. So I am in unknown territory and I want to maintain a simple setup. I think things will settle down soon enough.

I've been using AOS unscented cream which in hindsight I've paid too much for.
I've used a Palmolive stick with what I consider vacation shave results. So this is in my land travel Dopp bag.

I'm still not content with my brushes - I have a cheap boar that came with a stand for the razor and brush. I also have a 24mm Haircut & Shave Co. barber pole synth brush which does okay. The handle is uncomfortable and it seems slightly too big for face lathering. I want something smallish that I could use for face lathering and perhaps synthetic for quick drying.

I am going to try a can of Proraso just to see if it beats OTC brands. I'm not going to give up on lathering but this will be good to have for really quick shave days. We'll see where it goes.

I have a new pack of blade samples coming which should last a while and give me better test results between razors.

As of now, I can DE shave with only minor irritation on my neck. I still have some rough spots below the jawline and neck but I am slowly mapping those out.

I have a little RAD and maybe a little SAD. But I think once I settle in then I'll roll with it.
Oh, I guess my current technique is two passes (WTG > XTG) and some touch-up. This is about all I have time for in the mornings before work.

I shave after I shower in the morning. Every other day.

Razor: EJ DE89 Long-handle
Blade: Feather/Voskhod
Pre-shave: Bayberry Coast Bay Rum Pre-shave Oil - this sort of burns so I don't like it
Brush: 24mm H&S Co. synth barber pole
Cream: AOS unscented
Finish: Alum/Pacific Shave Co. Aftershave w/ caffeine/Spritz of Pinaud
Today's shave was quick but good.

Pre-shave: Shower + Barberry Coast Bay Rum Pre-shave oil
Cream: Proraso red in a can
Razor: EJ DE89 long handle
Strokes: WTG (face and neck), XTG (face), some touch-up
Blade: Feather (2)
Finish: Pacific Shaving Co. Aftershave cream + Clubman Pinaud

The shaving cream in the can doesn't have a pronounce sandalwood smell as I was expecting. But that is okay with me. I have mixed emotions about the pre-shave oil -- it smells nice but has a slight burn.

I only had one weeper but generally no neck irritation. Probably because I didn't make many passed on my neck today. No brush today since I'm waiting on a smaller brush that I will use with my AoS unscented cream. I also used the canned cream so no need for a brush. I may switch to a shave soap after I run out of the AoS cream. The Proraso in a can is on hand for quick shave days.
SOTD was pretty good.

Preshave: Shower + BBC pre-shave oil
Cream: Proraso Red can
Razor: Aluminum Gillette Tech
Blade: GSB
Strokes: WTG (face + neck), XTG (fave) + touchup
Finish: PSC caffeinated aftershave + Clubman Pinaud

This is my smoothest shave yet. No neck irritation, no weepers. Skin feels pretty smooth. There are still some rough spots in the neck area that I'm still mapping out.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the results.
I'm doing the FFFMM challenge this month. So I think that may serve as my journal for the month of March 2020. I don't know if I will keep this journal up, to be honest.

I am tracking my shaves using the Shave Buddy app. The app is okay and could use an upgrade but it should be suitable to keep track of my shaves on the basic level.