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You're going for the shave of a lifetime - what do you choose?

Just a little fun though we talk this all the time. You need the shave of a lifetime and you must pick your razor, blade & cream/soap. BBS, 100% nick & weeper free barring an earthquake, Mastiff bump or coronary. Not your most expensive not your latest greatest, not the fanciest or even your favorite but the components that you know will give you that shave. Brushes (to me) while I adore rotation & variation are not as critical so I'm leaving them out.
I'll start

Razor - DE89L
Blade - Gillette 7 o clock Super Platinum
Soap - TABAC
I'm gonna get banned...but here goes. If guaranteed perfection is the goal:

2 days of growth
Proraso Pre/Post
Acqua Di Parma
Semogue 730HD
Acca Kappa 1869 A/S gel
Gillette...Fusion Pro Glide Power :scared:
Gem 1912 Damaskeene
Treet, Gem Blue Star or a CVS carbon steel blade
Vintage Williams soap from the Glastonbury plant
Custom made brush from B&B member shaverjoe
Gillette...Fusion Pro Glide Power :scared:

Wow. At least you didn't say Nair or something.

For me, I encountered this scenario not too long ago for my wedding day.

I went with:
2 days of growth
Ever Ready 1912 (100 year old razor which was very fitting)
PAL Hollow Ground vintage blade
Semogue 1438
Arko shave stick
Witch Hazel

I like to keep things simple. With the longer facial hair, I had a fantastic shave with no irritation. Nobody wants to look bad on their wedding day.
Fun idea!

Razor : Gotta be my pre-date code Gillette Tech
Blade: red Israeli personna's
Soap: Tabac, or Proraso if its a really hot day.
Darn I'll have a tie

Razor: either a Tradere OC or an iKon OC Bulldog
Blade: Gillette Black
Brush: Frank Shaving Synthetic
Cream: RazoRock XXX
Aftershave: Barbasol Pacific Rush
You guys are a hoot! I'm trying to keep the list down and it's growing! Pretty soon you'll be listing what cereal you had, what mood music you had playing and reminiscing of Suzy Rottencrotch :biggrin:
Razor - Muhle R41
Blade - Feather
Soap - Mitchell's Wool Fat

I only have one razor and blade so that is not too hard to pick. The soap beat out DR Harris and Mikes which also get the job done very well for me. Did someone here just pick a cartridge as their razor? Wow! WTH???
razor: mergress, set to 2 1/2
blade: crystal (israeli personna)
brush: semogue 620
soap/cream: cella extra extra purissima
aftershave: 4711
Razor: Classic Shaving Cobra
Blade: Feather ProGuard
Brush: Da Vinci 290
Cream: Truefitt & Hill Grafton
Aftershave: Master Topaz

And here it is :smile:

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