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Your top badger brush

I know it's virtually impossible to say that brush x or y is the finest ever made, but what I was wondering what are the best ones used by the fine folk of B&B, and why. Does the "world champion" crown belong to one of the brushes of the past, such as a model made by Simpsons before their move? Or the unobtanium brushes of today, like those from Wiborg and M&F? Or perhaps the still expensive by more easily available brushes from Thater, Shavemac etc? Or even a lower priced brush from Frank Shaving? All a matter of opinion, I know, but I'd be interested to hear them.
My favourite badger brush is a custom made Shavemac with a 26mm 2 band silvertip fan knot and 50mm loft. Very soft tips and very good backbone as I like to fade lather. To compliment the knot Shavemac custom made the handle also. A large diameter tall handle that suits my big mitts. It's the combination of the 2 elements that add up to a winner for me.

While I really like my Duke, Thater and Shavemac, Elite razor's Manchurian White is just an incredible knot at a great price.
Semogue SOC 2 Band Badger in Ash Wood & Cherry Wood 24/53mm is great for face and bowl lathering without any issue at all.
Tough call for me! I prefer smaller brushes in Simpsons best, but my choice depends on the wearther and my mood!

On any given day my top brush is one of the following: Classic 2, Duke 2, Chubby 1, or the trusty 57! :thumbup1:
Just got my first real badger brush last week, a 26mm Virginia Sheng finest badger. It was only like $11 shipped from China but I can't stop using it. For me it's the perfect combination of backbone, softness, and splay. Before this brush I was primarily using the razorock disruptor.
My favourite brush is my Simpson Special in best. It's a small brush with moderately soft knot that i feel is a very good brush for the price.
It's between 2. I face lather exclusively.

1. Thater 4125/3 (28mm bulb set at 55mm loft) 2-band bulb
This brush is a face latherers dream. It's like a pillow on your face. Soft tips and enough back bone for my taste

2. Custom Wolf Whisker's with a Shavemac 2-band silver tip bulb (26mm x 52 mm)
A bit more backbone than the Thater but not at all scritchy or uncomfortable. Tips are soft but not as soft as the Thater.
I have tried much too many wonderful brushes and I could never choose, just one! My favourite one is the one I am using that day. :001_smile
My only badger is Semogue owners club, nice brush but I do not have any other badger brushes to comapre to.
My top 3 brushes :Simpson Duke 3 in Best Badger,
Whipped Dog 22mm Silvertip Badger drilled 10mm deeper,
Muhle 23mm synthetic Silvertip V2 brush in a turtoise brush.
Impossible for me to choose a single favorite, top brush. Several that fit those criteria:
Simpson Special Best
Simpson Duke 3 Best
Simpson Chubby 1 Best
Rooney Heritage Stubby
M&F Blonde Badger Stubby

Most of my 21 brushes fit this category.
#1 Rooney Finest 1/2 (Been Unobtanium for years)
#2 M&F Blonde (I have two, one vintage handle reknot with a 25 or 26mm if I recall knot and one 28mm from a very early run of them) (Didn't know these were unobtanium, that's unfortunate)
#3 Semogue BC Mistura (OK it's only partially badger). (Technically unobtanium, but you could probably convince them to make another run or a nearly identical run (change the handle) if you got enough people together).
#4 Simpson Chubby 1 knot in any flavor or handle. Mine is presently in a custom handle by Mycarver in some really awesome wood modeled after the Eagle by Simpson.

Honorary mention goes to the Ecotools Synthetic bronzer brush... a $10 brush Loric told me about that performs as well as anything out there... though the handle is awful, and it's a little small for some people. The brush performs so well I can't test soaps with it because EVERYTHING lathers great with it. But it's not badger of course.


The Men Who Sniff at Goats
In my early beginnings, I have had a few quality badgers, Simpson Duke, Rooney 3/1 and a few in between. Only have 1 badger now that suits me perfectly. Small but still packs a wallop in it's ability to lather. with plenty of backbone. Soft tips, but still capable of giving a good scrub without any scritchiness.

It's a TGN Finest in 16mm set in a vintage Century brand, bakelite, butterscotch handle.

$WP_20150718_001 (1).jpg

$WP_20150719_002 (1).jpg
I have an Envy white supreme badger that I put in a restored handle. Good backbone with just a hint of scritch. My favorite right now.

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