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Your thoughts on the Gillette Aristocrat?

Just got into vintage Gillette razors when I was browsing an antique shop and found a notched Superspeed 1948 _(I think)_ for $20 with mismatched case and super blue blade case. Surprised how it shaved for a TTO as my experience was you had to give up precision and results for convenience. What a shave I got with a Wizamet Super Iridium! Now I own a 1959 E3 Fatboy, two Slim adjustable’s 62/63 and I’m waiting on delivery of a unnotched Aristocrat set in great condition or so from EBay. Now I understand why people use vintage Gillette’s so much… they’re just that good IMO! The TTO mechanism on that Superspeed was so smooth. I think Gillette really hit their stride in late 40’s through to the 60’s but the quality was the best in the late 40’s from what I’ve used.

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