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Your thoughts on the Gillette Aristocrat?

I've seen the Gillette Aristocrats and it was love at first sight. How do they shave and feel in hand? What's a fair price for a decent one? Not mint but not user grade either. On Ebay the "completed sales" prices are all over the place.

Like this... $il_fullxfull.330325710.jpg
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I have this 1948-50:

$Gillette Aristocrat.jpg

and I let me gf shave her legs with it. IMHO it is a mild razor. It will give irritation free shaves but you will need a sharp blade and a few passes with plenty of skin stretching to get closeness results similar to more aggressive razors.

I cannot comment on price, mine is user grade with missing end caps and a very slightly misaligned door that I found in the wild for a steal.
Awesome razor. Very mild but capable of some serious BBS shaves. I have three or four of them. In feel I liken it to a Red Tip with a bit more muscle. Just a little heavier in the handle and way classier.
Mr Oak, the case is 48-50 but with two smooth bands and un-notched center blade your Aristocrat is a 46-47.

The 46-47 has many desirable qualities. Most folks enjoy the shave, great grip handle and heft of this solid razor.
While the grip and the heft are nice attributes, look at the huge head on that thing. A big dealbreaker for me. I place these big clunky TTOs and the adjustable lines of vintage Gillettes exactly where I place vintage (30s, 40s, 50s) American automobiles--I love to look and ooh and ah and can't drive by a summertime vintage car show without stopping, but I realize the practicality of these beautiful dinosaurs is not in my best interest. I see these big-headed Gillettes the same way.
I have two 1948 - 1950 model Aristocrats and find that when loaded with a sharp blade, I normally use Wilkinson Sword, I get some of the closest, most comfortable shaves I've ever had. The weight is slightly less than a Fatboy but the feel of the razor in your hand is similar. I can't comment on price, as I don't recall what I paid for mine.
The three piece is still around; it's a Good Will, and I never liked it much at all. It has a small head and a poor balance. Whatever my more ordinary TTO was, it worked fairly well, but was beaten out by an SE that my Aunt claimed had been my Mother's, although Mom in her own opinion, wouldn't claim it as having been hers.

The Aristocrat was unused, or close to it, and still is (1948). It is extremely mild compared to any DE that I have any experience with, except perhaps a Fat Boy on the "1" setting might be that gentle. The balance is decent, the grip is comfortable, but it seems to demand some pressure, or extra work, to shave my beard properly. That's not the case for the relatively newly acquired Super Speed Red Tip, which is about equal to my Slims set to a "4" or a "5" (I leave them on "7" mostly).

I've related this on here before: the handle length of the various "pre-Slim" DEs is less comfortable to me. I am much more pleased with the way the Slims and the similarly sized regular Super Adjustable feel to me, although as I build up repeat experiences with the Red Tip, the margin of preference is slowly eroding.
My "Birth Year" razor is a 1946-47 Aristocrat and I love it. A very solid, heavier-than-average razor, aggressive without being rough, and a thing of beauty (unlike it's birth mate [me!], who just gets uglier as he ages).

I'd guesstimate a price for an uncased example at $20-$40, depending on condition. Clean cased versions can go for considerably more.
Mr Oak, the case is 48-50 but with two smooth bands and un-notched center blade your Aristocrat is a 46-47.

The 46-47 has many desirable qualities. Most folks enjoy the shave, great grip handle and heft of this solid razor.
Thanks for the info CG, I had always just gone off of Mr. Razor's website and matched the cases. Although I could never find my particular blade box with the big brown case with red interior that I have. I just figured it was added later.


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I have a few and really like the feel, so much so that I sent one out for a nice nickel replate. Most of mine are early no-notch models (47-48) like yours.
Well my newly aquired 46-47 is definitely more harsh to my skin than my Red Tip! Dont shave any more close either imo. But its very well buildt and have a fine balance! Really like it and will try to handle it better in the future. Maybe its all about training and the finding the right blade.
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I own a re-plated 1948-50 Gillette Aristocrate. All things considered, it probably is my favorite among the 25 DE razors I own. Medium aggression. Does well with a Feather blade. Highly recommended. I like the looks, the feel, and the comfort of the smooth close shaves it gives. I cannot imagine a more desireable DE razor.
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