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I only have one teapot. It works well for my needs


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Came here hoping to find pictures of cadogan teapots.
Proof of concept




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I use to be a coffee drinker and then went into tea drinking mainly now. The vintage corning ware tea pot is my favorite, easy to clean and looks OK. I find a tea pot has to be cleaned regularly or the resin from the tea leaves build up in the pot & has to be cleaned with a little dishwasher crystals soap with hot water. The tea resin build up gives a bitter taste to my Earl Grey tea if left to long IMO, I also use a cone strainer basket that fits into my cup + use a cheap Walmart paper filter folded to fit the basket to strain the fine sediment out of the steeped tea, it is amazing how much fine tea leaves sediment get past the tea bags paper filter after 2 cups of tea strained with the secondary filter.

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Not worth show & tell as I only have a small teapot (Amazon) that I rarely use. I drink tea every day and use an infuser in my serving cup, a large Papa Bear mug.
We bought the Paragon teapot in the 1970s and it just gets used on high days and holidays.
The Portmeirion gets used everyday. We also have a Denby that’s packed away until my wife gets fed up of the Portmeirion.
There‘s also a Brown Betty stashed away somewhere.


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My old kettle has developed some rust in the bottom so l just ordered one of these. Good reviews so l hope im happy.
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