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Your smoothest and most efficient DE razor

Mine is the Rockwell 6C Plate 5 and RR GameChanger. I have not shaved with my RR Tech II in months have to try it again.

The one thing I notice is that Rockwell and Merkur have a lot of resposnes, but one Razor that does not is the Wolfman Razor. How can a $450 razor not get the love or the results so are you just paying for a fine polish DE that looks good sitting in your Den?
The smoothest and most efficient DE safety razor probably is the most valuable question that can be asked on a DE shaving forum. After all, a very smooth and a highly efficient shave is the holy grail of shaving, isn't it? Everything else is secondary.

A four way tie: Parker Variant, Merkur Futur, Gillette Super Adjustable SH, and 1947 Gillette Aristocrat.

Honorable mention: Merkur Vision 2000
‘30’s Gillette and mid fifties Red Tip according to my experience.

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Mine totally changed this week after receiving my Karve Christopher Bradley with plate D...Smoothest and most efficient razor I own, no question about it.
IMHO my smoothest AND most efficient is the Paradigm 17-4.

Just smoothest but less efficient is probably the Razorock Game Changer but there’s quite a few that could fit this category.

Most efficient but less smooth is the Wolfman WR1 in .86 blade gap.
Paradigm 17-4 for me. It has the best of both worlds and has forced me to sell just about every other razor I own. I have a Colonial SS SE razor I alternate with just because I like the Artist Club style blades but don't find it as efficient as the 17-4.
Most efficient razors are the following.

Ikon Tech
Old Type thin cap

The Karve and the Rockwell are the smoothest of the list.

The Tech and the R41 are the roughest.

The Karve, the Rockwell are my favorites to shave with.

The Old and the New are my next favorites.

I have an E plate for the Karve on its way. That may put it solidly in first place.
Smoothest will be a toss up between the EJ89 lbl and the 51 Black Tip SS.
Most efficient is the Muhle R41.
Go to is the 60 Fatboy on 5...smooth and efficient...
1978 Black Beauty + Gillette Wilkinson Sword (India) at settings 5, 5, 6 for passes 1,2 & 3 accordingly. There is another Black Beauty in the mail (1980) and a pack of Astra Green, so I'll update this if needed.
When I have the time to do 3-4 passes, Futur + Polsilver = easy BBS for me.
When I want to freshen up with one pass, like "I got shaved yesterday but I have to see a customer today", merkur 34C + Feather.
Definitely my Rockwell 6s on both counts. This morning plate R4, second shave on a Kai blade. It's the razor I reach for when I just want results and don't have time to "think" about the shave. Zero errors, fantastic smoothness, forgiveness galore. I can't ask for more than that in a razor.


Smoothest in my arsenal is the Mamba. (Also any Tech will provide me with ultra smooth shaves)

Most efficient is the Blackland Open Comb, by far. That thing is a beast. I have lots of efficient razors, but that one beats them all. I can get a 36 hour BBS from that one. But I can only use it once in a while because of the toll it takes on my face.

Combination of Smooth and Efficient: The Timeless Bronze. Fabulous razor. Great close shave, super smooth!

Have a Karve on order. B and C plates. If I feel it needs to go up a notch, I will order more plates. Looking forward to this one. The reviews are very encouraging.
Smoothest: Razorock Mamba
Most efficient depends on other factors. If long growth: Parker open comb. If normal conditions: Mamba or EJ DE89.
Mamba is the closest I've found to the perfect razor for me.
Weber PH with Classic Handle
Gillette Fatboy, Slim and Super Adj. on 7
Parker Variant on 3.5 - 4
Then there are some SE razors that I like allot.
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